More cracked than in your hindside | #91Days 7.5 and 8 (Spoilers)

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Fango likes his booze sharp!

Ungrateful ep 8!

“I said lets watch 91 Days!”

I forget to make screenshots because I care about about being absorbed into what I’m watching.

I am grateful. I don’t think I ever appreciated a show in so long; I put Gundam Thunderbolt aside because it’s based on a long-time series and its an OVA (91 Days is original). Anime-wise, it was probably Ronja The Bandit Girl, based on a novel. Also, Sidonia in the sci-fi realm.

Too bad, maybe due to its early morning airing, 91 Days doesn’t receive much credit. How to explain this? To get someone to watch and enjoy it? It’s not the death, the blood and the gore, the music, and the American backdrop,  but composition of characters and perhaps it is the daring callback to American crime drama. Taking a backseat from “Japanese anime”, and there’s visual tension.

It is simple and hardboiled, the latter causing complexity and raising questions. Most of all, it is human as well. Nero takes a trip to the country and you wonder how it works when he’s sitting jovially next to this adversary, his nemesis.

Episode 7.5 was a recap, but I think episode 1, 2, and 7 can cover everything, from Avilio’s goal to the bad blood within the feud.




Everyone is mentally cracked as glass bottles.

Just as I expected. With Frate and  Ronaldo out of the way, Nero takes the lead of the Vanetti and Fango is once again on the opposite side. Of course, the law intervenes with their business taking a toll of them, and forcing the families to act drastically.

And guess what we get? Good old fashion coercion. Threats.

Avilio is a total son of a bitch that it’s scary. Just to get close to Vanetti, he’s playing the mafia game like it’s a natural to him. Indeed, he must follow along after what’s been going on, and what he caused to happen. However, he’s willing to dig up info on Inspector Delfy’s family and threaten him to cease his investigations. Nero issued the order. Not only that, Avilio tells his friend Corteo to beat it? After Corteo helped him?

Remember Scusa? Who had Serpente’s body and was willing to trade it to appeal to Orco and Vanetti? Hard to say but didn’t he plant the bomb? He’s also apart of the federal prohibition service? Interesting. Now we have crooked cops? Or had. Ironically, this was mentioned at the beginning of the episode.

No telling when Corteo gave out info, serving Fango the Lawless Heaven. Maybe from the first offer with Cerotto or when Avilio left. Or why?

Fango is ungrateful as well. He gets a copy of the recipe, thanks to Scusa, and lets Corteo off.

The ending was amazing. A total horror movie kill. Looks like Corteo was willing to keep his involvement with Fango a secret. That would be his head after all. Or was there a feeling of guilt? Or he just hated how disgusting Fango was.

Again you wonder what will happen next?

Side note: Fango likes whipping and penetration. (^_~)



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