Doggie Poll – Hiring Criminals? #Michigan

Too tired to open up the “Shinobi Hyakka” topic. Maybe tomorrow. Here is a poll:

Detroit, Michigan is the crime capital of the United States, or at least one of the capitals. Despite it’s wondrous industrial background and mixed ethnicity, southwest Michigan will always have this blot of crime. I explained more about Detroit’s Crime in the entry Michigan Police I. Locally, you’d think the top crimes were probably  domestic violence and armed robbery. Ironically, the widest crime committed is auto theft?

On to the poll, with that said, would you hire those with a felony on their record?

Why bring this up? Because it’s always brought up: how one of the reasons to lower crime is, according to some, to increase jobs, especially since Detroit is the less busiest city out of 100 or so U.S cities. I think that’s silly, but that’s a topic for another time. I also heard that people insist on NOT putting their criminal record in job applications due to discrimination.

Infractions and Misdemeanors can be petty crimes such as stealing, assault, parking tickets. Those can accumulate easily; felonies are worse such as armed robbery, manslaughter, etc. You get the idea.

Side note: Met a very nice Trump “supporter” today.


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