Doggie Sketch a Day at work + news article

Even at work, I still want to practice. Practice as much as possible. Work’s a good place to find magazines too.

At work, I was getting a little aggravated. Crew was lacking, so were required resources. Then again, I’m used to working when the crew is absent anyways; we must be getting tolerant of the lax more often. just recently, I heard on the radio is that Detroit, Michigan is the least hardest working city in the United States. I honestly wonder why?


Ranking 113 cities, the survey goes by annual hours and average hours per week. Also, weeks per year. For example, quoting the above link, the people of Arlington, Virginia “work an average of 41.5 hours per week”. This is thanks to its large federal presence.

Anyways, to the sketch. I still want to work on my shading. Notice a grin with teeth? Below is the basic shapes for a nose base.

This is from my little notepad that I take with me to jot down my schedule, lists, anything for my memory. At one time, I drew a little dog for a baby and gave it to her.

Title is “Do what you can – pen



2 thoughts on “Doggie Sketch a Day at work + news article

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