Doggis Sketch a Day – Colors

Couple of things. I’m in the process of finishing ARSLAN SENKI: Fuujin Ranbun (Dance of Scorching Wind) Tv series. I want to do it today so I can report about it, and get ready for the OVA version in the short future.

Second, this is another shading experiment that I did last night.  Actually, it’s to prepare for a Flute (see “FLUTE 0”) illustration. The idea popped in my head and I still want to send out that one well down version for Asakura-san’s gallery. Something I’ve actually been patient on something’s that proof that I can do well or at least have a lot of potential, something I am very proud of.

Something to show that I am appreciative of another’s contribution, showing that I really do like her story despite there being a language barrier between it and I.

Unfortunately, the shading still poses as a problem.

I spend more time wanting to see result of the colored pencil blending effect, rather than the hair flow, which you must drew towards.

I do see potential .

Here are blending results for maybe twenty minutes? The right is both HB No.1 and a mechanical 0.7 point. I like it. So, this means more practice and add more shape to the flow before I actually color.

I need to see references on more short hair. Simple.


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