#Arslan Fuujin Ranbu III (Ep 5 – 7): Shagad’s great #アルスラーン戦記

Today’s goal is to finish Fujin Ranbu.

Episode 5: Parting (決別)


Once more, we learn men’s greatest weakness: Wealth and women. Gieve and Farangis are so funny. Palagius is dismissed as viceroy, Gilan comes under the Prince’s Rule, by Shagad still finds it ridiculous to petty the common folk. In feudal times, merchants, while below the knight/warriors, were still powerful due to their trade techniques and making an economy prosper.

Same case with Shagad and his way of thinking, who thinks that his friend Narsus has grown into a naive dreamer. Now they contrast one another, but that’s what friends are like. The pirates are beaten thanks to changing the ocean tide by opening the flood gates, and again, Daryun being Daryun.


It turns out Shagad has been consulting with the pirates to support the city’s business.Irina is in danger!

Episode 6: Kings disaster (列王の災難)


AKA: Dio’s lame.
AKA: It’s so hard to find good help these days.

How are some treated so badly by those who believe in the same God? That’s the theme for today.

In Ecbatana, Guiscard (AKA: Dio. AKA: Koyasu Takahito) locks up Etoile and his own brother the king of Lusitania. He may be in charge, but it’s never easy. Irina burns with revenge; The Kingdom of Maryam converted to Iadoulboth but were destroyed. Guiscard manages to soil Etoile and Irina, when the latter tries to kill the king, and making it look like Etoile was a conspirator. The King lives, but the two are about to get executed.

Kaji-Mask saves Irina like a boss. How did he know? And yes Hilmes, she did try to kill the King.

A fun fact: Koyasu voiced Merlain in the Arslan OVA. Also, OVA Alfreed wore the signature headband, but OVA Merlain had his hair down.


Episode 7: City of the Rainbow (虹の都)


I think this is one of the better episodes.

Spoiler: Sakurai can’t be trusted. At the start, its old buddy vs two wives. Ahem, sorry Elam.
The townsfolk rocked those pirates! LOL! Zot clan was awesome too.

I actually like Shagad as a foil. He is quite real of a character. Against his unsympathetic friend, or rather his cynic friend, Narsus preaches going against unlawfulness of a tyrant. They are definitely things that go in a repeatable routine unquestioned and unchallenged. When left too long, it’s taken for granted. Shagad as a merchant, sought stability within a way of living, rather than thinking about morality. To be very honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. He’s into wealth and we understand why. It’s one’s decision to determine justice.


Still, some good shots of laughable CGI. With episode 7, the Gilan story ends and peace is brought to the city. Also, an arcing rainbow.

Holy cow, I didn’t think Arslan would do that – send Shagad off to a slaver. That’s crazy. Blood for blood? Not really?

Zot clan were hilarious too, calling Narsus “boss”. Why “black and “yellow” flag? TBH, I’m glad they get a relatively significant role.

Next is the FINAL. I think I’ll watch it tomorrow.


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