#Arslan Fuujin Ranbu II (Ep 2 – 4): Cookie Monster’s background #91Days

Today my goal is to finish Fujin Ranbu because I want to return to the OVA soon as whenever possible. I will talk about, make comparisons, trivia, etc. Report on it and such. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, so I’ll just have to start from the beginning, but the first two parts starts off as an hour-long movie.

I want to add something from Episode 1: Rukhabad (the hero sword) looks cheaps sans the golden pommel and guard. In the original, it had a curved guard (and crusted gem?) that seems to represent the beast that it slew (like a tail). Even a fang maybe? We’ll talk more about that later.

Episode 2: King vs Supreme Ruler (王者対覇者)

This means Arslan vs Turan King. The Turans are based on the Mongols (AKA: Mongolia and army of Genghis Khan) and the country’s name (توران) is actually a region in Asia. You’ll notice a lot of Persian elements in Arslan series. I thought of Khan due to appearance and the disposition of Turan group. They have a nomadic culture; you can also think of the Huns.

Arslan is wonderful. If anything, out of this entire series, I really enjoy his growth. He tells the Turan King he’s not accepting any of his Boko Haram bullwhack and takes him on. Once again, Narsus (and General Tup somehow) turns the tide by doing what he was well known for when we met um – giving off false information.

Jimsa, you got to be the biggest fool to attack without good vision. That’s complete suicide. He must’ve had faith and saw the shadows of horses.

Episode 3: Lonely figure by horse (征馬孤影)


AKA: Crown Prince has good homies!

Kaji Yuki (Ooma Shu) and Kanano Ai (Inori). Once again animation director, GJ.

Absolutely not. PHEH!

Anyone’s who has been paying attention to my blog knows well that I can’t stand two timing Seiyu Awards winner Kaji Yuki’s performance in this animation, and I am not changing my mind, despite everyone praising his garbage performance. There’s more to Hilmes than sounding like an angry bulldog, and he [Kaji] just seems to get where he is by sounding cute and angry, tickling our Attack on Titan and main character fancies. The deranged grumbling-huffing acting is his only high point, ruining Hilmes’s noble language and rhythm, and that’s what everyone enjoys. That’s what they openly express on social media. Then again, I realize that the more expressive/crazy you are, and more of the lead character that you are, the more exposure you get. Right Nicolas Cage, right Jim Carrey?

I’ll just call him Kaji-mask and Cookie Monster. Hilmez has been chilling in Mayram for approximately ten years, and the dramatic “put the batman mask on” Christian Bale voice change makes little sense now since the kingdom was invaded. Shortly after, he made preparations for Atropatene (Arslan’s first battle).

Fortunately, I can have little faith in people after seeing comments saying “He sounds like he has a cold” and “he’s only growling” aside from commonplace rabid fan talk. If the rumors were true, and it’s only internet rumors (you know how silly they can be), Suwabe Junichi I would’ve definitely preferred you. And I respect how subtle Ikeda Shuuchi is in the OVA as Hilmez’s mask and slit eyes gleam of mercilessness.


And fortunately, Hilmes’s past was cute and also well done with good music. “Younger” Hilmes was actually tolerant. Enough. I still have to deal with it. It’s not changing and it’s pointless to ramble about it again.

FINALLY Zot clan’s MERLAIN! C.V is Hino Satoshi! Another good note.

Seriously, what was Arslan going to do by himself with no army? Kid has good homies after all! The question now is now what will happen with Andragoras back in commanding seat?

Episode 4: City of Land, City of Water (陸の都と水の都と)


What the living hell?!

Funimation? I think that’s really a distant cousin. This is Volume 6 of the novels as we’re sent to port city Gilan to take on some pirates.

SAKURAI IS BACK! Gah! He is the voice of Shagad, working as a marine merchant. Again, we return to the topic of slavery and its practical uses. Another merchant, Captain Graze, is Tsuda Kenjiro (Fango of 91 Days). Sakurai is also Barbelo in 91 Days. Can we trust him?

Farangis was lucky enough to make sparks from her steel arrow? Speaking of luck, one stare from the Mardan Fu Mardan can send a pack of wolves running. A whole episode of Arslan can follow the same routine, using two things with some shenanigans on the side: negotiation or friendly talk and a winning battle.

House chores get in the way. Ep 5 – 7 will be next.


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