Doggie Advice III and a half

“Advice IV” was supposed to be about the “5 things that Psyche you out” while job seeking, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

Today, I was typing up my letters for members of the Armed Forces, and there are a couple things that I want to point out (with some things removed):


No matter what, do not regret making your decisions. Something effective must come from serving the country. It’s kind of like a  job. It’s low wage, and it’s like only few work hard, but people do take time in the world to tell you “thank you.” As years went by, I became more envious and impatient. Maybe my goal lies elsewhere…thus the impatience.


This quote [about laughter helping you] is quite true.

A woman that I admire, who doesn’t live in the States, says that the key to stress relief is to laugh or to cry. Just today, I was in a sour mood and all it took was a video of a Doberman pincher “arguing back” at its owner to humor me. Just find any video of a complaining Siberian husky.


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