Why do I love Monster Rancher? (Part 2)

I was wondering what to do for the next Monster Rancher entry, and I was thinking of “famous monsters” or “what are the best monsters of MR series?”

As an initial idea, I’ll pick ten total for convenience, and I’ll just do two each entry for the sake of time.


  • Guts/Guts Regeneration: Points needed to use monster attacks during battle
  • Parameters: Monster stats. There are five: Life, Power, Intelligence, Speed, Accuracy/Skill, and Defense.
  • Tochikan: Demonym for the Ancient Tochika People. There are many shrines.


Zan Profile (c) TECMO
ZANThe Invisible Cyborg!

  • Appearances: MFA、MFA2, MF3 (PS2) MF4、MF5、MFDS、MFDS2
  • Style: Power-type; shaving off your life
  • Profiles: MFA, MRA2
  • Signature attacks: Caution, Double Summer, Sonic Knife, Tempest

Can you turn down speed and power? What has that? This machine with an unshakable fighting spirit, Zan is a cyborg monster built only for battle. It was sealed away by the ancient Tochikan due to it being too dangerous. On the downside, Zan has low life and defense. Also, low in intelligence since its attacks are mostly of physical attribute; ironically, it’s stated that the Zan is more or less as smart as a human.

Zan is probably named after the Japanese word meaning to “sever” or “chop” (斬). Well suitable for the blades it has for limbs.

Fighting Style: You make full use of Zan with strong attacks that can hit accurately. Like with Tiger and Hopper, you can strike in a combo and not give the enemy any openings. Like a ninja?

The Zan you must fight to unlock it in MR Advance 2:

Zan in MR3:



MRA2 Gali Profile (c) TECMO
Gali – Closest to God

  • Appearances: MF1、MF2, MFA2、MFDS2
  • Style: Intelligence-type; shaving off style
  • Profiles: MRDS2MFA2, Gali at Nicodouga
  • Signature attacks: Fire Wall, Lightning, Mask Cutter, Hurricane, Straight, Thwack

Known for its sun shaped mask and long regal mantle, Gali played a signature role in MR’s ancient history as a divine entity. In the beginning of MR2, you see it that God is responsible for connecting Man and Monster in a time of calamity. In training and battle, Gali is pretty much a wizard, being one monster with one of the best intelligence parameters.

Fighting Style: Aside from intelligence, which Gali excels in the most, it seems to be a relatively balanced monster. Defense isn’t the best, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the offensive traits. In any case, shaving off the enemy’s life (and guts) with a variety of magic (intelligent) attacks will both weaken the monster and prevent it from attacking. Plus, it’s impressive to look at.

Anime Version: In the Japanese version of Monster Rancher anime series, in only the first season, Gali was one of the Four Devas working under the main antagonist Moo and was voiced by the late Shiozawa Kaneto (塩沢兼人). It’s very shocking in comparison to most dubbed versions, and Shiozawa had a silky voice that suited a monster close to divinity (no wonder he invited Genki team to dinner. LOL!). Check it out whenever you can!

Monster Rancher 2 battle: Gali/Zuum vs Zuum


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