Doggie Advice III + Sketch a Day

In my last entry of “Doggie Advice”, I talked about diligence and patience. Again, my impatience has been bothering me today, and then I remembered I had these. Two weeks ago, I picked up an employment magazine. It had a couple of resources that told me that sometimes I need a reminder. A reminder to support frustrations – many people think the same way as you do and many people suffer the same way as you do.

One of those resources was an article called “5 Ways Job Seekers PSYCHE themselves out“.



  • 1.) They fall down and never get back up
  • 2.) They compare themselves with others
  • 3.) They give up due to distractions (e.g: laziness)
  • 4.) They think certain jobs are beneath them
  • 5.) They apply for jobs that do no align with level.

More talk on this for Doggei Advice IV.

Here is the Sketch a Day: Hatching Arms. About 5-7 minutes, smooth and casual. Thanks to me being jealous and desiring to reach a realistic effect in a short time. Uncertain if it’s possible for a NO2/HB, but the results were still interesting. In fact, it was my disappointment in this they made me do this entry. I needed to remind myself that I must stop being impatient.

And upset with the examples of others.


Put your arm up to a light and look at the contrast. Maybe bend your fingers to make more folds.

My notes say “Follow form,” “hatch the ‘shape'” “Anatomy patience”, “simple form”.


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