Samurai de gozaru? Ninja de gozaru? #BeybladeBurst! Ep 16 – 19 #ベイブレードバースト (Doggie Digest)

Reporting! Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA (鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)! KA-CHINK!

Again, I had to play catchup.

Those kids can’t even do push ups?!

 photo crybabyshu_zpsn3lrcdwt.jpg

SWORD FLAMES TEAM! Shakuenji Kaiser and his crew do rigorous training in the mountains. As expected, a monster is formed.

The Shakuenji Special is a new test.

 photo shakacool_zpsambfb4ww.jpg

Shu is going through therapy and Valt is still such a best friend. Also, the regionals are coming up. But first, we must endure the Shakuenji Special, a bey stadium fitted with powerful spikes, and a team battle!

It’s been mentioned on and off through the series on how Beyblades’s parts affect the outcome of the battle and how it works in contrast with each other: Layer (defense; speed/offense) disk, driver (balance/speed), and the launch (direction or/and type).

Since the regional tourney, we’re shown a few new Beys. Meet the Sword Flames.

Yeager Yggdrasil G.Y – The bey of “samurai”, Nansui Jugo! Stamina type.
Xeno Excalibur – Bey of Shaka. Attack type with an iaido like launcher.
Unlock Unicorn D.N – Bey of of “Kagefuuin (Shadow seal)”, Ibuki Ukyo! Defense type.

Yggdrasil is a stamina type, but there’s little proof, having been easily defeated by Valt’s Valkyrie. I expected more from the Tree of Life. G.Y stands for “gravity yielding”. Excalibur is a pure beast!

 photo daianhaa_zpsuauefxyq.jpg

When it comes to the Team Battle, the one that surprised me was Deathscyther, who lasted well against Unlock Unicorn. Still, the members of the Bey club get the short end except Valt and Shu. Deathscyther has shown some amazing endurance, surprising from something that burst to hell and back during its tourney fight against Valkyrie. So far, Unlock Unicorn, it’s specialty being the low gravity needle driver and the Horn strike, is proven to be the best rival within the team battle.

Kiyama also had his battle.

The next one is the dawg! And I am rooting for him!

 photo kerebusisback_zpstwlryhe9.jpg

I really don’t want Kensuke to leave.


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