Out of their minds #91Days Episode 7 (Playing no Games)


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Previous episodes:

“Light & Darkness”. Still one of the best shows.

Perhaps what we need to praise here is Avilio and Nero’s wits. Negotiations, headlines, Frate’s insecurities, and violence.



Killing begets killing. “It’s us or them”

Vanetti, Gallasias, and Orco (now Fango). Nero keeps changing alliances to get back into his family in one piece. Fango and Nero has the reigns on Lawlerss Heaven booze. Nero insists that the Gallasias want to use the Vanetti as puppets, and with the condition to kill Nero, there’s pressure. There’s negotiation upon negotiation due to Fio, Ronaldo’s wife. It’s a good look on each character’s outlook on things.

Angelo (Avilio), since the beginning of this folly, his agenda to take out the ones who killed his family, has been a skillful liar. By killing Nero’s friend Volpe and hanging him from a bridge, he raises the stakes in the feud and frightens Frate. It also shows how cold he is, causing casualties. He and Nero also convinced a pregnant Fio to kill Ronaldo, using the story that Frate killed Ronaldo, and Nero killed Frate for the alliances.

Ronaldo pressed on this idea that Frate leads Vanetti and the Gallasias holds them in their hands. That was the way to peace. Frate had his insecurities, and Ronaldo had him taking drugs, possibly opium (sleep inducing poppy). Through the entire ep, everything was messing with Frate’s head. Was he even fit to lead anything?

Deep inside, I’m sure Nero wanted Frate to change his ways. Avilio emptied Frate’s gun to a blank.

“From this moment on, we’re brothers.” Avilio you’re a jerk, quoting Corteo.

You can’t help but await for what’s next.

Later is Beyblade catchup. When is a good time for Avilo to kill Nero? At least, for him.


4 thoughts on “Out of their minds #91Days Episode 7 (Playing no Games)

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