#BraveFrontier: Divine Bloom! (Doggie Digest) #ブレイブフロンティア

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Haven’t done this in a while haven’t I? I’ll have to take my time with the new additions. So, I was trying to tidy my place, I did a sketch, and I wanted to rest. When I’m home, I just like to rest and stay with leisure. Lax. I didn’t finish my letters, I couldn’t find my new anti-glare glasses, and I didn’t apply for a card.

For Brave Frontier, I practice getting stronger and seeking various units for the ultimate battle. So, I want to pass my Trials and Grand Quests for said ultimate battle.


7 Star ROSETTA. Spark buffer unit

This beauty is the member of the God Army, even though she is human and she is a noble. She proves himself worthy and awarded with power that was beyond her mortal limits. Eventually, she dies. There is a mention of a goddess that saved Rosetta’s mother. Could it be Tilith? Despite many rumors surrounding Rosetta, there’s this consistent mention of her purity and kindness. Looks to me that she is an effective spark buffer unit and multi-hitter. Her leader skill increases HP, Spark damage, and spark damage increases BB. For BB/SBB, it’s spark damage support and HP healing; UBB can cause spark vulnerability. Make sure to equip her with Spark sphere, especially at 7 Star.

Rosetta is apparently great for Frontier Hunter/Gate. So far, my experiment with her is positive!

 photo enwuni_zpspqzcjpar.png

Estelle: BB Support

A new unit named Estelle. Doesn’t she remind you of Weiss? Fitting of a general, she has good supportive traits for the party such as BB gauge boost and OD boost. Leader skill increases HP, defense, and boosts BB gauge. However, this is level 6.


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