Big Bad Wolf Fango. #91Days Episode 6 (Doggie Digest)

Yes I am watching the Olympics.

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Digest version. This is a kind of filth that I enjoy when put in the right place and time.

This is Sicily or maybe this is a Middle Eastern prison? Or maybe in a desert wasteland of an apocalyptic setting. Maybe Kishimoto Taku is a fan of the Grimm Tales or went to prison? Or just a fan of war in particular, especially historical wars where POWs and soldiers were known to torture and eat each other. It’s a crime.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Fango went to jail and shit on in WWI jail.

Avilio is a smart kid. I was a little worried at first.



3 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf Fango. #91Days Episode 6 (Doggie Digest)

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