Doggie’s Sketch a Day: Kannosuke + Oda Nobunaga in games (Reading “Evil”?)

JOJO = Jojo’s bizarre adventure.

Remember when I did a SoD entry about Gakuto, while showing different representations of historical figure Akechi Mitsuhide?

This time it is going to Oda Nobunaga, another historical figure of importance from Japan, and my inspiration for a character that I made for a NARUTO story.

For Gakuto, who is Naruto’s friend, I sought for the Level-5 style. Again, the link above has the explanation. For Kannosuke, I guess I went for the same thing? However, the most important feature was for him to look like he was an obvious “bad kid” or a “mischievous, stuck-up boy”. Too many characters, especially cool/rival headed characters with stand up hair in Level-5 works.

The eyes were simple.

 photo kannosk_side_zpsvnugril8.jpg

 photo nobunaga_Kano1_zps1t0flkn8.jpg

C.V is Namikawa Daisuke (浪川大輔), who is Jellal from FAIRY TAIL, Riddhe from Gundam UNICORN, Hisoka from 2nd Hunter x Hunter, Rock from BLACK LAGOON, Ulquiorra from BLEACH, and many others. Too many others. You’re probably wondering, “Does Kano sound like one of these characters”? The ideas are “annoying”, “bully” and “snide”. Mostly “snide”.

Also, Namikawa voices JOJO’s GIORNO GIOVANNA! He probably has the best idea for Kan’s voice image for both child and a bit older. Adult voice should be reliable considering Namikawa. Giorno is funny because Giorno’s friend (and first rival) is Bruno Buccellati, voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki (voice of Sasuke).

My main issue was the hair as I sought for the rival look. Not sure why; it could be because it’s pointy because I had the same issue with Gakuto.  While Sasuke is Naruto’s rival, Kanno has problems with both of them.

STORY/PERSON + About Oda Nobunaga

The idea is not necessarily “evil”.

Oda Kannosuke (織田 艦之介) is based on Oda Nobunaga. He is [Akechi] Gakuto’s friend, but he’s an arrogant prick. Strict. Might-makes-right type who is ambitious and into perfection…he even uses firearms because Nobunaga loved firearms.

Feudal Lord Oda Nobunaga is always given this lofty, scary, merciless image, both fictional and non-fictional. He is called Maoh (Demon King) and puts himself above God. He’d kill Buddhist monks, even called for the execution of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s son, among many other things. Killed woman and children. Did he disrespect his father at his funeral?

I should look for “self-assertion” and a “lot of pride”. Also, a “sense of justice”? How to become a great leader? Charisma and interest in various martial arts and tactics. The real Oda seemed obstinate/tenacious, didn’t like those who broke rule or keep a promise, nor Shintoism/Buddahism, but did he also like to have fun?

How to put that in a 12 year old? This guy might have to aspire being Hokage? Even make enemies with Naruto, Sasuke and Danzo.

I already imagine what he’d probably say to Naruto when Sasuke leaves. Something like, “That guy’s a traitor, so you know what that means right? We have to kill him upon sight. Why? Because he’ll be a danger to us. It’d work out 2 ways: Ruin the snake guy’s goal and protect us from threat. Our revenge, the Third’s revenge. The village’s.”

Oda Nobunaga. A kind of guy who is self-asserted and ambitious, controlling the lands like a surging wave. Japanese books carry him as the title of fear. A cold-hearted maoh (Demon lord). In almost every mention of him, there’s a story of him being vicious. But doesn’t he have a sense of justice?

According to Luis Frois, a Portuguese missionary that joined the Society of Jesus in Japan, and Nobunaga was deeply interested in Christianity, Nobunaga was a vulgar guy with a high voice (contrast to most fictional portrayals).

Nobunaga had a policy called Tenkafubu (天下布武) – ruling the world through samurai government or with military power.

Here are game portrayals:

Koei’s Kessen III (main site)
 photo nobukessen_zps7nyz8end.jpg
Created by Koei Tecmo, who created Sengoku Musou (or Dynasty Warriors. Romance of 3 Kingdoms) and Musou OROCHI. This Oda is daring and into new things. He confronts the chaotic times with ambition. Voiced by Okiayu Ryotaro.

Puzzles and Dragons, titled Rebellious Demon.
 photo PampDNobu_zpsxeavn749.jpg
Plenty of purple, black and red; element is dark and fire, and he’s both a Dragon type and Devil type (compared to Akechi’s God/Devil). Again, I didn’t become a big fan of the game. Not sure if I’ll pick it up again, but it was a simple slide-and-match game.

Photo is from

POKEMON x Nobunaga ambition
 photo nobunaga_zekrom_zpsdbczssbq.jpg
AKA: Pokemon Conquest. Again, Nobunaga is associated with dragons such as Rayquaza and Rekom. Proves his status. In fact, he is the “Dragon gym”.

(戦国BASARA) – AKA: Devil Kings series. A Devil King voiced by the one and only Wakamoto Norio. Isn’t there a big enough main antagonist presence? Main site for BASARA4 w/character profile.

 photo noausmuso_zps9xobfk3x.jpg
Sengoku Musou 4 website. C.V is Kosugi Juurouta. Devil King with overwhelming ability to surpass others and to attract others with severe character. He’ll deliver Tenkafubu.

KOEI’s 2013’s Geten no Hana (下天の華)
 photo geten_NobubyHAYATE_zpsvrt6oses.jpg
AKA: Below Heaven’s flower. An attractive story where an Iga kunochi is hired into Azuchi castle, Oda Nobunaga’s residence. Main site. A nice young version with charisma. Cause he looks to be the commander of the world, does he open his feelings? The C.V is Matsukaze Masaya so that tells you that Oda is the handsome type.


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