Doggie Sketch a Day – Demeter #saintseiya #聖闘士星矢

Today’s SAD before bed.

A while back, I did an entry explaining Greek Mythology and the Goddess of Harvest, Demeter, the sister of Hades and the mother of Peresphone. Also, how I have her in a story of mine as an antagonist.

So, this evening I did a sketch of her, attempting the Saint Seiya style again. I did a few sketches before on her before, and I couldn’t figure it out, but I think one is the “best” one so far. By comparison, and I do mean in comparison, this one’s detail is a bit more fleshed.

I think she is “beautiful” or is getting there. I was going for a dignified face with a cold stare and adult atmosphere. It was only until today that I thought of a headdress for the armor. For some reason, I thought of braids, and as Mother Earth, I wanted the hair to flow more.

On the right is the vine design for the forehead.

SO, just a little more pushing and I’ll get it. A lighter pencil would help too. Again, I always use No2 (HB) for “Sketch a day” so everything is always dark and messy for experiments.

I even tried drawing the statue months ago but it didn’t turn out well at all. The shading and such. Maybe the rice hat (?) gave me the idea for the headdress.


In the story, she shows a resent for Athena’s Saints. Rancor.  Even with a calming mother-like tone (sometimes not), the words she spoke were venomous, revealing nothing but that said resent.

No particular C.V for her yet. Also, the leader of the Terrae.

Tomorrow is Kannosuke when I get home.


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