Deculture Digest Doggie Macross Δ‎ (Delta) 16 – 19

Time for a obligatory funny photo:


First it was bittersweet, then it gets a littttttttttle messed up, while entertaining at the same time. It also shows that Delta is a total sequel to Frontier.


More “D” jokes, more infiltration, and we enter Mikumo’s insides.


Bogue is rude and funny.

 photo nah_zps0rlsxpaj.jpg

Walkure is German for Valkyrie (female soldiers of the dead), and we finally witness this through…effective advertisement.

Apparently Raito Immelmann, father of Hayate, is dead. I was hoping he could still be alive and serve the Windermeanrs against the NUNS. His role in the military has bee revealed as well – after contacting the Windermere independence group, he dropped the stolen dimensional weapon on a New Unified Command Forces on Windermere, causing that giant crater. Hayate wasn’t too happy that this was kept secret from him.

 photo ohsweee_zpsukniawvy.jpg

Mikumo’s inner power is revealed as her song force causes a massive fold reaction across the cluster and the Deculture structures, even defeating Heinz. She’s now comatose. Even the song power of Freya nearly caused Hayate to be absorbed by the Var, but it increased his capabilities much like Messer.

The Vajra, the antagonists of Macross Frontier, just may bother us for a good long time if we keep going this route. That is according to Belga, an agent of the Epsilon [after Delta] Conglomerate. Even fold reactions (or receptors) are from Frontier, the singers Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome being able to affect the bug-like aliens. Asiide from that, Belga explains how music is used as a weapon.

Fujiwara Keiji, go home!

Aside from that, we get a throw back! From Sharon Apple (C.V: Akino Arai AKA: The Moon Witch or the Moon Goddess) to Lynn Minmay (C.V: Ijima Mari), we get a brief listen to the famous tunes from the Macross series.

Even “Do you remember Love?”


I think it’s been a few episodes as it is, but it seems that the two older Orbital Knights might’ve jinxed themselves.


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