Doggie Sketch a Day – STG


BURST! INFINITE SPACE! is the Catchphrase for the latest Darius game, “Chronicle Saviors (CS)”.

STG stands for “Shooting Game” genre. Also SHT. Think Rayforce, R-Type series, Gradius series, Darius, Thunder Force Series, ACE COMBAT, and anything with a flying or driving vehicle. Of course, anything that has you mowing down multiple enemies or switching games in third or first person is also a shooting game. DOOM series and HALO series. There’s really too much to add.

But as a fan of aerodynamics and all things aircraft, I always have a soft spot for flight shooters.

I started yesterday, and did some extra dribbles this morning, going for Silverhawk, the core ship of the Darius series. In fact, in Darius Burst for PSP, the one in the photo above called Legend Silverhawk Burst.

Obviously I need a lot of practice. To be honest, I’m glad that I could form something.

 photo stgp1_sid_zps0wwhjcdq.jpg

This is Rynex or Fire Leo, which seems to have a inlet on the top.

Everything starts with just a contour or an outer form scribble, and many artists state to imagine a form in different shapes. When the planes are engineered, for fighters/interceptors, the fuselage is mostly slender and there is importance in how the wings and stabilizers are placed. The wings can have different shapes and angles too such as sweep, gull, and delta. It’s difficult because fictional spacecrafts like Rynex and Silverhawk are a little complicated – they have large engines, many verniers, and different wings. Some of the engines are above the wings (such as stealth bombers).

You should see Ikaruga…it’s ridiculous. You’d think a satellite transformed into a polar fighter craft.

I admire the bird shape fuselage/head of Silverhawk.

 photo STGp2side_zps0s0qzexz.jpg

“More practice”. There is potential. I hope it doesn’t take another year though ^.6;


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