Doggie Sketch a Day – Matter of Faith?

Now that I think about, I was always a sore loser. I was very impatient because I wanted to improve quickly. In physical education, I was not the fastest runner; I didn’t like getting caught early in hide and seek because I didn’t want the game to end; I wanted to believe that pressing hard work was the key to many things. It bothers me more as an “adult”.

It’s the same case here, especially with something so significant in drawing. The shading experiment continues. A lot of drawing has to do with having faith, ton of practice, and references. When it comes to drawing other characters, I think being 100% is near impossible.

Suikyo is still in draft state and I don’t want to touch him until I shade better. I try to draw everyday, thus the idea of “Sketch of Day” (even though it’s not EVERY day). Problem with professional works is that you can’t imitate what you see in a tutorial, especially if you’re just starting to draw. When you start, you won’t understand why there’s instability if you followed directions.

And attempting a few times around won’t make you improve. What I want to see from my blog is improvement after times passes. Have it here as evidence.

There might be two SaDs today – the shade and STG (Shooting game) experiments. For the longest, I wanted to draw mechanical designs. I will have sketches of Silverhawk and Rynex (Fire leo line) for example. Also, while not from STG, Asurada.

Here is today. OF course, sketching heads swiftly doesn’t really help my goal:

 photo SHADINGTEST1_zpsclido4ao.jpg

1.) “NO!”
For the past couple days, I was working on hair. What many people say is to flicker in the direction of the hair. Do not draw all of the strands. Of course, we do not have anime hair (and you rarely see parting in anime hair), but even anime hair has shadow and highlights. Doesn’t look that great here since I smoothed it so much and it looks dirty. Not good.

 photo SHADINGTEST2notes_zps5jqpy9he.jpg

2.) Looks alright here. Contrast is a factor. When you look at your own hair, you notice a shine. A jagged shine that goes around your head. I think the tips are darkened because the light is further away. I think it’s all a matter of faith (confidence in yourself) and reference. The highlight and pick of soft light can be anywhere, but’s always contrast. Light follows dark and such.

A few scribbles:

  • “Dark near tips”
  • “Shade underneath hair”
  • “Highlight nose and under muoth”
  • “[Shade] where it parts.

 photo SHADINGTEST3hand_zpsmrl9ftgx.jpg

3.) The hand was early this morning, a result of my determination to get it right. Plus, your hand can capture a good shadow when underneath light. Also, another “hair experiment”.

 photo SHADINGTEST4_zpstxaqr86m.jpg

4.) I work on a shirt as I really want to work on folds. The shade also gives out the depth of a shirt and if any part of your body sticks out.

Title is “Shade 4 Test


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