“The Adventure of the Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険): “FLUTE 1” (PART 1)

It’s back! The Adventure of Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険; yūsha furūto no bōken) by Mrs. Asakura Rei (朝倉玲).

Months back, I finished and made an entry about the first part of the child saga, which is called “The Adventure of Hero Flute – First story ・The golden stone of magic”  (勇者フルートの冒険・始まりの物語 ~魔法の金の石~) .  Also called “Flute 0“; it has eleven chapters.

Now, with the reveal as Flute as the hero, his training begins and we enter the second part: “Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (黒い霧の沼の戦い). The third part is called “Battle of the Dog of the Wind” so it looks like Flute has many challenges ahead.

“Black Cloud” has forty chapters divided into five parts, each with its own number of chapters.

Here is the first part’s seven chapters: 第1章  金の石の勇者 (Hero of the golden stone)

    • 1.Training (稽古; keiko)
    • 2.Black Mist (黒い霧; kuroi kiri)
    • 3.Departure (旅立ち; tabidachi)
    • 4.Hero volunteering (勇者志願; yuusha shigan)
    • 5.Opening to the public (謁見の間; ?)
    • 6.Fortune Telling (占い; ?) BAD LUCK!
    • 7.Sword and guard gear (剣と防具; ?)

By far, going with chapters 1 through 3 (Training – Departure), Flute has much to learn about his new destiny, being trained by Gorisu (ゴーリス). Or it could be “Gohlis” or “Goalis”. Near Flute’s home, a mysterious black fog thick as smoke appears. It shrouds everything and it even makes his mother uneasy. Even touching the mist makes the skin black as night.

The town of Sill is quite uneasy, leaving their homes and climbing out their windows. A bonfire is created; even the sun floating in the air becomes pitch black. Flute rushes to Gohlis’s house, only to find a letter addressed to him. It states for Flute to stay at his house until Gohlis returns, and that his horse is at the back of the house. Flute is very nervous now, but does the glow of the golden stone reassure him?

In Departure, Flute leaves with his new horse. Seven days has passed.

Even though a human being and animal can wake up and see a new day, expecting it to be clear, the foreboding fog still remains to blot out the sun. The world’s color. The suspicions rise. Will crops die? Will the fog go away? Even Flute’s father…

“This is some kind of Omen”. On the eight day, a royal family gets involved and announces a decree: “Everyone remain calm and send the Hero of the Golden stone to King’s castle.” It turns out that the entire nation of Romudo is affected. Furthermore, the townspeople were surprised at the mention of the “Golden Stone Hero”. They’d never imagine it’d be Flute.

Flute’s father states that it’s impossible for him [his son] to do such a task. But it’s for Flute to decide.

The time is now, no? Flute, remembering the words from the elder of the spring, the one who gave him the stone and his destiny, decides to go to the castle. There is no hesitation in his eyes. The trip to a castle isn’t far, but Flute’s parents prepare him carefully: Food, water, medicine, money, etc. Of course, his mantle and short sword.

Typical RPG hero! When Flute nears the exit of Sill Town, he sees Jack (boy who went with Flute to help him find the stone), who shows some unrounded concern while turning his nose. Flute shows confidence.

Atta boy.


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