Lay back! Did Avilio jinx himself? #91Days (Episode 4 & 5)

Yes I am watching the Olympics.

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Too much of a good show.

We learn that Avilio can wolf down some pancakes and is not the best driver. I also learn that I don’t need my ears checked.

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Episode 4 is like watching a family drama on the sofa. Two different guys, even though in temporary exile, having a walk in the park (or in this case, camp). Nero completely spills the beans about the Lagusa family murder. Then, episode 5 really shows the consequences of Nero’s actions and Avilio’s trickery. Revenge truly begets revenge.

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We finally get a look at that letter. Avilio doesn’t find it even a little bit suspicious, and  it ignites his thirst for vengeance immediately (back in episode 1). I think it’s a vague letter. According to Nero, it turns out there was another person involved and the Lagusa family got whacked for leeching their money. That’s the claim anyways. It always happens whether it’s true or not.


It was Vincient Vanetti, his son Nero, and Vanno Clemente that killed your father, mother, and little brother who won’t rest in peace in Lawless [The town]. If you wish to seek revenge, I can lend you a hand.

Vincient is dying so we must act quickly.

A friend of your father, Testa Lagusa.

Not suspicious, Angelo? Speaking of which, I think he just jinxed himself. He spoke of the ever so “this is the only way to live” cliche, meaning his revenge. Could that other person be the one who wrote the letter? Someone in the Vanetti? Maybe a Pentiti?

A pentiti (Meaning “repent”) are mafia members who fully cooperate with the police or government, turning on their family. You’ll never know, considering the current circumstances of alliances changing.

Now we have damn Frate, Nero’s younger brother, confirming that I did not mishear anything from episode 3 when Ronaldo was talking to Vincient. To negotiate with the Orco, Frate (and the Gallasias) agrees on the condition that Nero must die. Vincient, don’t you care? Furthermore, Frate is in charge of Vanetti Family’s actions. Full agreement.

Thanks to that, Timbre gets injured and is near death when the Orco-Vanetti men tried to ambush Nero while he was coming home. Luckily, Barbello had good judgement for beign suspicious.

In the end, to save Timbre, Avilio figures out how to work with Fango, who wants to take out Orco. Isn’t Fango an ass or what?


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