Doggie Sketch a Day #聖闘士星矢 #水鏡

Today was SUIKYO! This obviously didn’t take five minutes but it looks too nice to pass up.newsuikyo

It’s also an improvement from the last few times I did him. Drew him too big on a 8.75×12″ pad though, so the hair looks cut off.

I like works in their initial stages. Character from Saint Seiya, the name is associated with the Garuda Specter Aiacos. Again, my plan was to work on shading. For this, I just want to use a pen (his colors are black and purple), but since bolding/shading, or at least when I do it, always messes it up, I wanted to scan it before I start.

I always get this feeling that after I put shade and color in it, it looks worse.

In my story Dawn of End, Suikyo is Ryuho’s friend. All three of the Hell Judges goes through something weird.



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