Sleep to Hell? Old Entry for Brave Frontier Contest + Sketch of the Day #ブレイブフロンティア

Tired, I came home to drink and lay down, and for some reason I remembered something.

From time to time, and I can’t recall if it’s annual or not, Gumi arranges art Contests on characters for Brave Frontier. Some even become characters for the game.

At the time that I made this character, there were no 7 stars, so I ranged him 4 to 6 stars. I also had another idea for an astronaut-like character. You’ll never know with Brave Frontier: There’s gods, demons, divine machines, Hell, and different worlds.

Checked the Gumi forum and picked up his info.

Old Photo/drawing

 photo hermes2016side_zps4dmxhg2x.jpg

New No.2 DRAWING I just etched up in about ten minutes. Just to give an idea. My ideas were few – In Greek Mythology, Hermes was connected to Olympians such as Zeus and Demeter and I think he transformed people into birds. As for the hair style, a bird’s nest? Thus, the raptors. Majority of the Dark units in BF use black, red and purple as core colors in their appearances.

As for pose, he’s supposed to look asleep while standing up. His head his lowered.

This’ll be the new Sketch of the Day: “Hermes”, the character’s name.

I also have another Hermes, actually inspired by this character, who is the Gold Saint of Cancer in my Seiya fic.

Character’s Name: Fate Narcoleptic Hermes (運眠症ヘルメス)
Element: Dark
Normal Attacks: 5 (Spirit raptors)

Background story:
(4 star)
From the Bariura Empire, Hermes is a diligent medic whose village was attacked by minions of Iidor. He suffers from narcolepsy, so during the invasion, it’s said that he died on his feet. It turned out that he only fell asleep out of habit, but when he did, spirits of war in the form of birds protected him and the remaining villagers. Every time he slept, he was connecting to the dead realm, reflecting his trauma of tending to injured and disturbed patients. His condition prevented him for being at the front lines, so his desire to help others by any means is strong.

(5 star)
From the Bariura Empire, Hermes and his village was attacked by minions of Iidor. He miraculously survived when birds from the underworld emerged from his sleeping body. The guardian raptors manifest from Hermes’s traumatized mind while he sleeps and attacks his foes. The birds, however, since the village invasion, gradually drag him down to a plane between the living and the dead. Despite that, they protect and destroy whoever Hermes so desires.

(6 star)
Narcolepsy and his witness to his village’s destruction caused the Bariura Empire’s “sleeping medic” Hermes to fall into the Underworld, rendering him a dark entity. It turned out that he did receive fatal injuries during the village attack and the spirit birds were not only his weapons, but his life force. Hermes, a good man, fought against turning away from what believed in: He did not want people to suffer, and help guide both those in the living and those who were about to pass away with soothing methods.

Minimum and Maximum evolution: 4 Star – 6 star
4 star: Fate Narcoleptic Hermes (運眠症ヘルメス))
5 star: Nightmare Narcoleptic Hermes (悪夢眠症ヘルメス)
6 star: Abyss Narcoleptic Hermes (地獄眠症ヘルメス)

Leader Skill – Earth and Hell’s Stride (4 star, 5 star), Dark Divine Stride (6 Star)
Gives all allies a small probable chance of withstanding only one K.O attack. [ Level 1 – 3 = 10%; Level 4 – 6 = 20%; Level 7 – 9 = 30%; Level 10 = 40%. (Increases 15% after evolution) ]

Brave Burst’s name: Patron of Strangers (4 star), Crossing Gates (5 star), Bringer of Hospitality (6 star)
EFF (BUFF): Adds slight chance of inflicting a random status ailment when attacking for 2 turns. [ Level 1 – 3 = 5%; Level 4 – 6 = 10%; Level 7 – 9 = 20%; Level 10 = 30%. (Increases 10% after evolution) ]

Super Brave Burst – Psychopompos
EFF (ATK): 9 combo powerful Light and Dark elemental attack on all enemies, and adds chance of inflicting a random status ailment when attacking (same rate % as Bringer).

SUMMON: “I am Hermes. I will escort you to…peace…zzzz”

FUSION: “I can’t stay..up…but…
I will protect you.”


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