My Units with “Infinite” Brave Burst #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier

TAGS: #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier
ID: 4766778298
Guild: Sky Fern


  • BC: Battle crystals. Fundamental to increasing BB gauge.
  • HC: Heart crystals. Depending on your unit’s Rec (Recovery) stats, collecting them heals HP (Hit points)
  • BB/SBB: Brave burst and super brave burst (Special attacks)
  • Sparks: Increases damage. Sparks are produced when unit attacks connect enemy at same time. It is easier to do during brave bursts. More BC are produced.

Waiting for Match Game while I have the energy.

Infinite BB is not only helpful by increasing your gauge and keeping it full to pummel enemies over and over, it can also support you against certain bosses. For example, Noah’s Grand Quest and the Rih’alnase grand Quest, who are only affected by BB.

Here are some units with this feature.

 photo ogoro_zpsidnj5tx7.png
My earth sage Oguro isn’t well trained just yet, but his SBB is infinite. I think he has to do with support qualities.

 photo Farlon_zps2sybxhem.png
Farlon is an aggressive, tragic character; he’s actually one of my favs. I’d like to say he’s pretty strong. I thought I could make him more offensive but he’s still behind in abilities. His infinite SBB can increase his ATK power potentially to 10k (AT LEAST). Damage is below Azurai, but that’s without critical, and imagine it being infinite. Also, I think his BB gauge can increase quickly when not infinite? Hot character.

 photo infernoSareas_zpsdjohxaa9.png
One again, my darling Prince Sareas (see Bariura family entry). One of my favorites. He has an infinite Super BB at 6 star that can hit over 30 and increase your BB gauge. At 7 star, he can still hit higher than Farlon.

 photo exgear_zpsqtq1vzjw.png photo volgdr_zps0fx4wzph.png
Voldoga/Redragg (thunder). I think it starts at 6 star. An infinite SBB, which seems to be a good feat for mechanized units because Nemethegear has the same ability. While Nemethgear is offensive, Vold is defensive/support type. He can hit pretty heavy, but it’s a little disappointing because the SBB only supports itself.

 photo noah_zpssj5k30ni.png
I would expect the former Dragonslayer to be mighty? I need to test Noah’s potential fully. He’s one of few units that has infinite BB (not SBB). Also, an interesting story character.

 photo rugar_zpsqtupzq3s.png
Offensive power and the potential isn’t fully reached yet. Rugal from King of Fighters collaboration was tough to get. He has an infinite BB for both buff and offense.

 photo yuura_zpszcyuulgi.png
Potentially good dark unit, seeing him a few times in Arena. Imagine being attacked over again in consecutive turns – Yuura’s SBB causes an extra attack post-turn.

 photo lugin_zpsiffb77ye.png
I hate admitting the fact that this dude is even a bit strong. He’s been bragging for so long, but he needed to get to Level 7 just to be interesting. Lugina is pretty near at 7 star with an amazing SBB (only at 7 star). Not only is it infinite, it is a defense-ignoring attack.


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