Doggie Digest on Tales of Link #Talesof #テイルズオブリンク




More information in my entry about Tales of Link System #テイルズオブリンク #テイルズオブシリーズ.

“I beseech thee, save the world.”

Bandai Namco tries to be faithful.

The Tales Series and their characters often intersect one other in released works outside of the games, so it’s nothing new to see the main characters as friends. Lloyd is friendly, Stahn is headstrong, and Cress wants to protect others. With an animated OP (and singer), a story, voiced scenarios, and original characters, there is a similar feel of Tales that you get from even this mobile game.

You are the Chosen One and you’ve appeared in the world of Liyafyse to protect it from the Seeds of Ruin, creating Ruinators. In order to do that, you use the power of Stone Cant. Typical JRPG.

There are many events outside of the story; like a good Tales game, it can be difficult if you don’t act sharply, but it’ll all rely on your character’s strength. Sometimes, it is not a fair game, even with a 4 or 5 star character. A weakness of a mobile game – you’ll have to fork money to make your chances easier. The events can be especially hard.

No chill as Sara’s brother, Caesar (C.V Morita Masakazu) becomes evil in the game’s prologue.

Music is exceptional.


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