Doggie Digest on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius #FFBE #FFブレイブエクスヴィアス



Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for the android/IOS is pretty much classic Final Fantasy, and I think it’ll serve well for both new and veteran FF players. I haven’t played a FF in a long while. I was seriously about to say that it wasn’t a real FF game if there’s wasn’t an Inn or a place to shop, especially the latter. The Inn doesn’t serve a purpose except with talking to other people.

Roleplaying, exploration, quests, chocobos, and turn-based RPG battle that can get difficult easily represents the world of Final Fantasy. There is also your familiar character classes, both original and series characters, summons (ie: Ifrit) calls Espers, and spells. From a cocky machinist to a laughing Shantotto, the character icons are also well-animated.

And your cliche JRPG story? A silly heroine, especially a mystic, a tragedy, and you can probably bet money that the black knight is your father or your brother.

Main characters Rain and Lasswell, who are probably suffering from bad translation, are quite funny and well adaptable thanks to their polar opposites as they travel together.



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