Doggie Sketch a Day #NARUTO

The heat is a killer, and all I want is sleep.

Apparently Kishimoto Masashi, the author/creator of the internationally famous NARUTO series uses a fine pen and a mechanical pencil. He use few lines for his character, giving them simplicity.

Simple? Sometimes. I’m a little disappointed. The third and fourth sketches turned out pretty good, the fourth showing an OC (original character) from a fanfic. The hair is symmetrical, even when a spikey mess, and for some reason the eyes are quite difficult. I don’t get it if it’s a simple design.

4.) “Who the fuck do you think you are?! You can’t just say what somebody is meant to be!”


There are more sketches at my entry Story-“boredem”/Doggie Sketch a Day #NARUTO


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