Tales of Link System #テイルズオブリンク #テイルズオブシリーズ


  • Element: One of six attributes that determines what is stronger or weaker in battle. The elemental chart is upper left of the screen.

“Tales of Link” by Bandai NAMCO (OFFICIAL WEBSITE – Japanese) is a mobile game based on the ever famous “TALES” RPG series, each game covering its own theme and story. There are spirits, magic, technology, elves, etc. That’s really the nutshell version; instead of turn-based system, the LMBS, or Linear Motion Battle System (with combat command input), was popularized in Tales.

I remembered being asked some questions about Link’s battle system. Instead of active LMBS, there’s TOUCH LINK BATTLE SYSTEM, thus the game title. You must match the same shapes/colors underneath the characters to either deal damage or heal your party). It’s very simple, but sometimes the gameplay is not, and strategy in the strength of your characters, their skills, and the guardians that you take with you are important factors.

You won’t always have characters over 3 or 4 star, so playing good may somewhat mitigate the pain you feel against difficulty.

I wanted Sorey so bad during Soul Arena that I wasted about 10 stones trying to get through HEAVEN or HELL (above Mania) difficulty. And all I get is 3 star.

You’re still my boy, Sorey.

The Weapon Types
 photo swordharri2_zpsikjmqkl1.jpg

Each character has a different type of weapon and element. Despite Veigue being an archetype MC with a sword, he may have an attribute that only equips thrust weapons. That is actually the case with my OWN VEIGUE. Despite that, he maintains his water element. Canonically, he is an ice type.

 photo WEIGUTHJR_zpseeyjqnxi.png

Here are the five weapon attributes:

  • Green – Bash (hammer, fist,  any bludgeon/percussion item)
  • Blue – Thrust (spears, pikes)
  • Red – Slash (swords. See Sorey above)
  • Purple – Magic (rods, wands)
  • Orange – SHOT (Rifles/guns, bow and arrow, crossbow)

 photo shot_ninja_zpsoigkgs1p.png photo magic_cadah_zpsmkmxzzpm.png photo bash_snel_zpsn6rmuc5n.png

As you can see, the ninja Shizuna is a shot type, and the mage Cadash is a magic type. Senel from Tales of Legendia is rightfully a bash type as he uses his fists to attack. In battle, there doesn’t seem to be any specific strengths or weaknesses depending on the type, and only determines what weapon the characters can equip. That is all I’ve gathered so far.

For example, my Veigue above, despite being a swordsman, can only equip spears and such. I equipped him with Urias, the light sword of the guardian Atro from Brave Frontier. There was a collaboration a while back. A thrusting sword.

Weapon Attributes and Character elements are shown underneath the characters during battle events, along with their attack or recovery stats. The latter shows when the character is standing on a heart icon. I believe the right side, which are two slots, are additional elements from item. For example, my Hisui is a Shot-Water character. However, I equipped him with an earth bow.

 photo toLbattle_zpsxqhgu7cz.png

For example, my Hisui’s “blue bow” icon (lower left, third row) means he is a water-shot character. The earth icon on the right below him describes his earth bow. So, he has both earth and water. By the way, in the upper right is the elements chart showing strengths and weaknesses. Fire beats earth, earth beats wind (think of boulders), wind beats water (oceans!), and water beats fire rightfully so. Dark and Light coexist and do not coexist. Okay, I fail at being poetic.

Experimenting with Guardians

Guardians are what you need to highlight your elemental attribute. While I was experimenting with different teams, I somehow missed that important detail for a good while.

From the image above, I was wondering why Gaius’s element of darkness (third right, middle row) wasn’t showing. The weapon attribute shows no color, so I started to think that “darkness” may be gray. I tested an all darkness party, and I saw the same issue with Stahn (not in photo): he’s a water character, but with a darkness weapon, but weapon attribute was colorless.

Then, I thought the weapon attribute would highlight if fighting against an enemy of weakness? Some stages are set in a way where all enemies have the same element. Such as “Trial of Gusts” (Wind) or the “Black Wings” (darkness). It didn’t work either.

It all turns out that everything is based on what guardians you equip. I totally forgot about them. There are three types of guardians: Attack (increases offensive power depending on your element), Defense (reduces enemy elemental attacks), and support (defenses against status ailments such as sleep and poison).

So if you don’t see a color in your weapon attribute, check your guardians.



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