Excitement! MOBILE POLICE PATLABOR -REBOOT- (or EVA-PAtlabor?) #パトレイバーREBOOT

WEBSITE: http://www.patlabor-reboot.jp/

You know I’m excited right? New work for Patlabor coming up. I think the CGI looks pretty good so far.

Patlabor is basically near-future sci-fi crossed with police drama, adding funny characters and a female lead.

Direction, storyboard and screenplay is Yoshiura Yasuhiro (吉浦康裕; Time of Eve, Harmonie, PATEMA INVERTED). A little concerning? No Oshii mentioned?

STUDIO KHARA, who did the EVA movies, some of GUNDAM UNICORN, and MAcross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa movie, is in charge of the animation. With that said, there can be some faith? Speaking of EVA, Anno Hideaki, the producer/director of all thigns Eva, is executive producer and charge of planning.

Cast revealed so far is the ever great Hayashiabra Megumi and Yamadera Kouichi (AKA: Yama-chan). It already sounds like they’re in the trailer.

Too much EVA. Kind of worries me

Veteran Mech designer (and supervision) Izubuchi Yutaka has worked on the original PATLABOR! Also character designs for tokusatsu series such as kamen rider.


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