Doggie [Beat up] Sketch a Day

Patience, contrasts, light location, highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.

And references.

I was told many times not to beat myself up, but I sense my potential in art. What’s putting me back is not only the practice, but also one of the most important things in a drawing — SHADING/TONE. I still think it’s a weakness of mine, especially when I’m most comfortable with initial sketches. No matter how many times I read about shade and look at tutorials, I’m not satisfied at my results when I try it out.

Every time, I put color and/or shade it, it looks worse:

I don’t fully agree with using more than one pencil (or medium). It is effective when obtaining a specific look, whether its a different light or darker color, or texture, but for this, I was only going for the practice.

So I did a ball/sphere today to see where I was.


“It is Okay…?”

After dinner, I’m going to do another experiment.


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