HardBoiled Drama of 91 Days Pt. 1 (Spoilers)

Not talking about Kamen Rider W, even though I wish to.

There is always revenge and vigilantism.

As you may know already, I have been watching 91 Days (official website), directed by Kaburagi Hiro (鏑木ひろ), who has also worked on Kimi no Todoke and Zenryoku Usagi, and animated by Durarara’s Shuka Inc and there has been three episodes already.

A fun fact: Shuka branched from Brain’s Base, which animated BACCANO, Kyokai no Rinne, and Durara.

In the town of Lawless, Angelo Lagusa witnessed the murder of his parents and younger brother on his birthday. They were killed by the Vanetti Family, who they were affiliated to. He was just a boy. He became gloomy. Seven years later, he received a letter from an unknown sender. The flames of revenge were lit. Something about this drama, crime dramas, creates a sentimental appeal seeing a side of little moral fiber. A conflict of society. In this case, Avilio’s actions gradually leads to dead bodies and war.

It’s like The Godfather novel. The author, Mario Puzo, wanted to create this image of the honorable humanity of Don Connello. Even though, when you hear of gangs and mafia, they are so deep in racketeering and murder.

There are spoilers.


Watching the National Convention so this won’t be a big entry.

There are many revenge killings, even if your spouse was caught having an affair (or just having a small interest) with someone else. That is just an example. It can even drive the law to do heinous acts for payback.

This hardboiled image. Could you ever do such a thing? How can people take a life so easily?

Next is Vanno
 photo Vanno_zps0kgl4xil.jpg

It started with the Lagusa family murder, but I kept help but think of Nero and Vanno. Avilio/Angela has his personal agenda, twined with Vanno and Nero’s choices. The Families are supposed to make peace, but now Vanno’s thick feelings for his friends, one friend killed during a turf trespassing, pressed him to pursue Fango, a servant (or capo) of Orco. In this series, the current families are Vanetti, the Orco and the Galassia.

I already explained in my entry about episode 2 that Vanno’s execution of Serpente reminded me of an anecdote of a real life gangster/hitman named Richard Kuklinski. AKA: The Iceman. He asked a man to go on his knees and pray to God for help. That was probably more relentless than what Vanno did, who only prayed for his sins. Plus, Richard would confiscate and store the dead bodies in a freezer, thus his name.

“There is more than one way to skin someone” To quote him. For Vanno, as a comparison, all I thought about was the “God part”. SO far, the sadistic one seems to be Fango, who nearly burnt out the eyeball of one of Nero’s friends with a cigarette.

The idea of this entry was to do references and to spread more knowledge of the mafia history (and maybe fictional adaptations), but as usual, I excel in short writings.


  • Prohibition Era
  • Angelo’s letter? (Who could it be?)
  • Vanno “killed by Orca”; Nero’s “exile”?
  • Why did Vinciente kill Lagusa?

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