Sonic Memories Part VII: Tails Adventure ( #sonic20th #テイルスアドベンチャー ). My boy’s a genius.

Yes! I’m back to this aren’t I? With another unconventional Sonic game.


Video of Full Game Run (100%)

Today’s pick is Tails Adventure (テイルスアドベンチャー). My memory of playing the game is a bit bad, and I had to go to Wiki for the story. Otherwise, all I would tell you is that “evil birds are attacking Tails’s island”. For some reason, the Western version’s story lacked depth and the island’s name was changed from Cocoa Island. More info on the story here (Japanese)

Related Websites (Japanese):

VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAMES – SEGA: Tailes Adventure (Talks about the Sea Tail/Sea Fox, Cocoa Island, Password, Tails House, Items)

 photo olfriGG.jpg

The antagonists are called the Great Battle Kukku Imperial Army (グレイトバトルクック帝国軍). In the English manual, they are called a “bird army with a Great Fortress”. Nothing much else there – they’re meanies that you have to defeat.

Why did I pick this game up? I like Tails! And I don’t think I regret it.

 photo tailsadGG.jpg

My Game Gear, of course, is not in top condition.

To the gameplay! Let me get to a con: The game is slow as molasses until you equip yourself with some speed boots, or Sonic’s spin dash. Yes, it is not a conventional Sonic games; however, rings still plays the role as your health, but you need to extend the amount that you can collect it to survive better. Also, Tails can still fly by rotating his…fox tails like a copter. That also needs be extended since it is quite useful.

This game requires some searching thus the name “adventure?”. That is, searching for items, including what I mentioned above. Speed boots, spin dash, bomb upgrades, ring extension, etc

However, this game does express how genius Tails is, being the designer of the Tornado. Wow! If there’s anything entertaining about this game, it’s the various items that you can use. And also Tails’s Sea Fox, designed for sea and air combat and travel. At Tails’s House, you equip various items.

For combat, Tails is specialized in the use of bombs. Why!? No idea, but they’re good. As the game progresses and you collect more tools, the bombs change from remote to napalm. The Sea Fox can get vulcans, mines, missiles (also anti-air), and a shield. Amazing thing! There’s also this very useful remote controlled robot that you can send through holes and tiny tunnels. Much to my humor, there is an item called “Knuckles”, where you can punch enemies.

I did manage to complete the game at 100%.

Music is still good, keeping up with tradition! One of the favorites is the opening theme.

Time for some happy music:


Also, what reminded me of this entry today was seeing people create custom hacks of Tails Adventure. Subscribe to Razor and Xenon, whose channel displays various Sonic game hacks.


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