Getting pulled into Greek #mythology #saintseiya

“It was the law of the Sanctuary for the female Saints to wear an emotionless mask, so that they wouldn’t inevitably bewitch their allies. Since the beginning of time, even in the mythological era, the woman whether a mortal or deity was a vicious (and easily humiliated) creature.”

An excerpt from my story, Penitent Feathers.

This is another old entry sitting my drafts. What am I talking about? I like detail, and both knowledge and a sense of creativity can enhance your writing. Whether its an essay, a speech, or just fictional prose.

So when I set myself up to do a Saint Seiya fanfic, motivated by the passion of the fans outside of the States, I ended up becoming more interested in the mythology behind the series. Primarily Greek and Roman, Norse was mentioned as well; even Arthurian Legend is the core motif of Episode G -Assassin, or rather, the Gold Saint of Capricorn.

The Goddess of Harvest Demeter was known, if provoked even the slightest, to turn anyone, God or man, into animals as punishment, or fasten heavy boulders against their limbs so that they wouldn’t move. She even brought forth a famine to the entire world; she reproached Earth, assailing it in such a way just because her bosom was fragile.

For Dawn of End, where this quote is from, and for the sake of begin faithful to the fans, I sought for a [good] interpretation of Demeter. While Demeter is mentioned in the SS series, in its reference book the Encyclopedia Taizen (聖闘士星矢大全; saint seiya taizen or complete works)  as one of the Twelve Olympians, she hasn’t appeared in any of the works. I found it as a remarkable opportunity since she is related to Hades, who has had a significant presence among Saint Seiya series.

About the Goddess:

The third chapter of Robert Graves’s Greek Gods and Heroes tells the wide story of Demeter, Peresphone, and Hades. How the Goddess of Harvest’s daughter [Peresphone] ate seven pomegranate seeds that locked her to Hades’s Underworld for half a year. Demeter desperately sought for her daughter for quite some time, until Triptolemus told her that she was taken, and Demeter commits to seeking revenge. The truth drove her bonkers and she made the world suffer from her grief. Peresphone would stay half a year with Hades. That is when the seasons become dark and the earth infertile due to Demeter mourning.

“Dark faced king with black armor.” Zeus and Hades plotted to have Demeter’s daughter to be Hades’s wife.

In the Theoi Project, archives of excepts from various Roman literature (even poetry) and art, Persephone’s capture was described as “Her rape”. She was forcefully taken.

Ascalapus was punished severely for telling Demeter that Persphone ate the seeds; Triptolemus was awarded for telling Demeter where her daughter was.

Demeter causing famine and drought reminds me: Punishments in Greek Mythology. The Titans, or Giants, such as Prometheus and his father Zeus, has brought down harsh judgement upon many, even among one another. It even goes as far to torture.

Speaking of torture, I should talk about in another entry – when I was looking up information on Chinese Hells. Horrible.



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