Toku Doggie Time! Zyuoh and Ghost #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー‎ #仮面ライダーゴースト

Thanks to my slow self, I’m doing a digest entry of Zyuoh 19 – 21 and Kamen Rider Ghost 35 – 39 .

 photo BLtimewithINOUE_zpsggh7yuyg.jpg

Zyuoh was BL (Boy love), along with a guy with an inferiority complex (and maybe some schizophrenia?). Again, the 6th ranger continues the routine of being strange. Yes, I joke about the BL part, just like with bestiality.

The monsters were Bowlingen (entry 15) and Prisonable (entry 16), the latter being C.V Egawa Hisao, who has too many credits but pops up at random notice as a supporting character. He used to voice Falco Lombardi in Star Fox. Of course, both monsters are based on bowling and being jailed respectively.

As for Kamen Ghost, Ganmeister continues to be weird and a pain, and Makoto faces a mystery. The show is probably setting him up (and Zavert?!) to be the butt monkey in line after Alain. Still, this show wants to portray the effects of being positive mentally. While I don’t disagree with the idea of a positive mentality, what Takeru did was cringe-worthy (and what was the point with Alain?) In the end, the ultimate transformation will remain the strongest (and needed against the gof-like foe) and the heroic ghosts are still your friends.

Did you have to do that to Takaiwa-san?

Also, Sun Wukong (monkey) and Sha Wujin (kappa) in the world of Alain’s subconscious. And takoyaki.


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