#91Days Episode 3: Downpour

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Website: http://91days.family/
Previous episodes: ep 1 , Ep 2

With the deaths of two, some instability threatens the Orca, Galassia, and Vanetti alliance that is supposed to come. Rather, some black business will cause the death of even friends and bosses.

Fango loves his trouble.

Did Ronaldo seriously propose the idea of killing Nero in front of Nero’s dad and brother? Or were they just talking about a scheme by Galassia? I think that was a misconception on my part. It could’ve been the latter, but Nero is forced to leave. Of course, his shenanigans to avenge Vanno threatens the alliance.

Or rather. Since Nero’s alive, blaming him is the best idea. Especially when Nero’s partner is gone…

Vanno is 100% dead, and Avilio (Angelo) kept his agenda hidden by Nero by putting the blame on Orco’s Serpente. At first, little Cerotto was on the hit list for being a witness and for sending Serpente’s body away, but he cooperated with Avilio.

Is it now time for Nero’s revenge, which is not directed towards Avilio? Moving along, Fango had his suspicions and figured out that Nero and Venetti had to do with Serpente’s death.

Boss Orco, the piece of crap that is is, is voiced by ChafurinKase Yasuyuki was Serpente and  Kenji Hamada was Tigure.


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