Doggie Digest: SHADOW SKILL (obligatory Hayashibara Megumi time)



(My strike has no equal!)


Web Archive: SOTSU – SHADOW SKILL (japanese)

Encyclopedia: (Japanese)

Ragu = spaghetti sauce.

Character name with red hair = Elle Ragu

The Sevaar, or Warrior in Training, has the mightiest kick! Now here’s a literally “Ass kicking” action show/comic.

Blame Okada Megumu, who is also the creator of Saint Seiya EPISODE G, for this shounen series that I thought had to do with ninja. But the transition to the Seiya universe shouldn’t be a surprise: SHADOW SKILL is one with the “youths mature into a warrior fantasy” genre and marks Megumu’s debut. You can also expect that anorexic character design with the awesome hair.

I believe that I’m supposed to watch the four OVAs first, although retro OVAs are sometimes cursed. They may or may not deviant from the core work or/and they just leave a ton out, and the ending leaves you seemingly with a cliffhanger or just in dark despair. Also, OVAs are often compiled into “movies” when dubbed (ie: Sonic the Hedgehog, Yotoden). The manga wasn’t licensed, but OVAs and TV series were dubbed.

Titles (order, weakest first): Valle (ie: Gau Ban), High Valle, Sevaar (ie: Elle Ragu), High Sevaar.

Op & ED are cool

Today was a very rare calm down kind of day so I can’t talk much about it now.



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