My Units with multiple hits #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier

TAGS: #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier
ID: 4766778298
Guild: Sky Fern


  • BC: Battle crystals. Fundamental to increasing BB gauge.
  • HC: Heart crystals. Depending on your unit’s Rec (Recovery) stats, collecting them heals HP (Hit points)
  • BB/SBB: Brave burst and super brave burst (Special attacks)
  • Sparks: Increases damage. Sparks are produced when unit attacks connect enemy at same time. It is easier to do during brave bursts. More BC are produced.

Doing this to help someone.

For quests that require you to collect many HC or BC, or if you just love spark fireworks, you needs units like Reud, Miku, and Avani, who have super brave bursts with high hit amount. Just a note, I’m putting down what I know only from playing the game and not from looking it up. It’s just for convenience. Most units hit for 20 and under.

There are some photos, so spoilers for 6 and 7 star units. Musicians and archers/gunners, especially earth types, seem to have the most hits.

 photo infernoSareas_zpsdjohxaa9.png
Prince Sareas (see Bariura family entry) is one of my favorites. Not only a high hitter but he has a SBB gauge refill. My prince is currently at 7 star, so I highly recommend raising him to at least 6 Star to get that SBB. Also a good unit to increase BB Gauge. It seems that the archers are meant to hit a lot. At least, the brave burst will hit over 20; Sareas at 7 star can hit max 40.

 photo shura_zpslknmzwo0.png

Shida is indeed a sorcerer with great elemental buff skill. His 7 star is recent, but I think even 6 star Shida can hit for at least 20 or 30.

 photo lario_zpsbmbfdozy.png
A Rare and Free unit if raised to maximum 6 star. Lario’s super brave burst increases BC and gives you a whooping 40 hits.

 photo YURI_zpsadm98y4a.png
Unfortunately, you can only get Yuri Lowell, the popular main character of Tales of Vesperia, when Brave Frontier hosted at collab event with the game Tales of Link (which I also play). You could obtain Yuri by participating in the ToL game events. His super brave burst hits over 30; Zeal, another dark unit, also hits at 30 (At least at 6 star). Yuri’s technique is Savage Wolf Fury: Zenith. He has a dog companion named Repede but lot of his attacks has to do with “fang” and “dragon”.

 photo deemo_zpsbd6iir2f.png
Deemo and the Girl (light/holy unit). is a limited unit a collab event based on the game “Deemo”. I need to raise them more. A good unit that increases BB gauge when there are sparks. 20 hits for BB. There is also a dark unit Deemo, based off of Kagura dance, but it hits less.

 photo hatsunmik_zpsjekhbekq.png
It’s Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid, a limited character. All of the Vocaloids are limited, but Miku has her own vortex stage. She’s also good with BB gauge increase. Her BB alone, at 6 star, hits at 27. Her SBB is 39. Kagamine Rin (holy/light unit) also hits a lot.

 photo douglas_zpsnrlmbp7l.png

My Douglas isn’t well raised yet, but you see him a lot in arena. For now, his brave burst hits at 20. It can only go higher.

That’s enough for today. Here are others that hit 20 and over:

  • Nemethgear (7 star). Ex-gear series
  • Lugina (7 star)
  • Faris
  • Rosetta
  • Shera
  • Reud
  • Avani
  • Exvehl (thunder dragon series)
  • Kuda
  • Melchio
  • Bestie (one of my favs)

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