Pokemon no GO!

Pokemon Go is not for me.

Not only do I think it’s flawed, and I know I’m being a little hard on it since it was recently released, and there was difficulty with servers and bugs shorty after it started, but I am not that dedicated when it comes to looking at the phone.


I gave POKEMON GO a final chance today. While it warms my heart to see the Pokemon fire being internationally lit all over again, seeing it being mentioned on the news and such, I just can’t get into it.

My car drifts even when I’m looking at my wing mirror. I can’t walk and look at my phone at the same time. When I’m walking, I need to watch where I’m going.

When using location services (GPS) it seems that the location of shops and the pokemon themselves are very specific. Pokemon are within rustling digital grass. You might be near the grass but sometimes the pokemon doesn’t pop up? I was really expecting to find pokemon near or in my house randomly, but it didn’t work. I only found Pidgey and Caterpie. I’m not going to travel around the world (or maybe park) for a video game unless it’s an arcade. Gas stations and churches can be pokestops.

I wish the phone would vibrate or make a sound when a pokemon is nearby so I can just walk with the phone in a pocket, bag, etc. A voice can suffice even: “Pokemon nearby”.

Is it good for exercise? You’re moving, but focusing on a game. Kind of like walking outside with your phone to your ear.

Also, NO BATTLES?!?? Sort of. You can live battle at Gyms but you’d have to be Level 5 and catch enough pokemon. Looks to be the best part. Other than that, no trainer/NPC conventional battles or wild pokemon battles. I’d have to find a gym location.

Loitering for a game is not my brand my tea.

Will I change my mind one day? Is it a mistake?


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