About “Profile” (explaining oneself)

@semiprowriter reminded me of something – if you have trouble describing yourself, then you’re not the only one. From book profiles to interviews, it’s just a difficult thing. You can probably talk about your favorite fruit, and why you liked a particular movie, but everything changes.

I have a “About Doggie” link above the blog and it’s pretty incomplete. Maybe this whole blog needs an overhaul.

To the point – I typed this up on my Wikia. Just an example on what I was thinking when it comes of myself as a writer. It’s easier to talk about oneself when oneself has done something, past or present. You’ll find many credentials when it comes to your educational background and hobbies.

[From wikia, but changed it to 1st person. Also, shortened.]

Doggie (MGW and so on) is the pseudonym of an amateur writer born and raised in Michigan, United States.

My first online fanfiction was based on Pokémon ((I could be wrong)); later on, I would get introduced to the anime/game Monster Rancher and would develop a fan-series that is still in progress. I upload works on both Fanfiction.net, Fictionpress.net, and ArchiveofOurOwn.

[Skipping the part about the meaning of my pseudonym]

Literary Style
I have a tendency to write drama stories for mostly youths. However, an exception to this rule is the fiction series Seishin (Pure Heart) Ninjutsu Chronicle, where some of the stories contain detailed violence and non-explicit sexual themes.

The themes of teamwork, friendship, morals, and justice are frequent. Furthermore, because history, geography, sociology, and politics are a part of the author’s interests, MGW likes to incorporate such elements into her stories and mirror real-life as close as possible. Therefore, because of the above-mention sociology, she likes character exposition.


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