BURST Digest. #BeybladeBurst 11 – 15 #ベイブレードバースト

Reporting! Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA (鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)!

 photo Shuisnebver_zpsondwuhvf.jpg


This range of episodes are probably the heavy fights so far, pretty much showing everyone’s ability at peak.

Kurenai Shu is now serious.

And Shu is never this serious unless a promise is involved. Valt has the best crybaby faces, and he showed evergoing concern for Shu’s health, nearly causing the two’s friendship to collapse, but Shu finally reveals that hot fighting will of his. Jimba Orochi was hardly a challenge? But what kind of bothered me was Wakiya.

Wakiya supposedly had the best defense bey, which is strong against attack types like Valkyrie. Kind of disappointing that Valt was able to make Wakiya frustrated, and he again expresses his love of the sport, which gives him confidence and an upper hand. Since, we already know what happens when Valt gets flustered and upset.

Turns out Valt and Shu started Beyblade around the same time, so Shu isn’t a “genius”. He practiced on and off.

 photo shufeel_zpsus77kicg.jpg

Also ,a new character is introduced: Shakuenji Kaiser. Also known as “Shaka/Xhaka”.

C.V is every cool Koyama Rikiya. Too many characters to name. BTW, Shaka’s beyblade is Excalibur (See below). Check out the Twitter of B.B burst’s creator, Morita Hiro.



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