Deculture Doggie Time! Macross Δ‎ (Delta) 13 – 15

 photo macrosshaha_zps36h8xc9y.jpg

Couple weeks of being hot, down, and upset, and I have to play catchup. In a way, I’m still annoyed.


As for Delta, I still have mixed feelings. Some spoilers.

To make things short, it’s the war between the Space Cluster Chaos and Planet Windermere, with King Gramia at the latter’s forefront. Sigur Valens is indeed dangerous with the ability to dock with the Protoculture ruins on Ragna. Ernest shows his strategic mind as well, being able to temporarily prevent the Song of the Wind, and able to protect Walkure. What’s really nuts is that the ruins are able to fold (AKA: move through subspace).

I was going to be really upset with Hayate if he wrecked Messer’s plane, but I’m more upset with the NUNS and their reckless behavior. I’ll tell you, in Japanese Sci-fi, the 2nd group always dumps the crap. Especially if it’s anything based on “unified” or “Federation”

Fortunately, Chuck doesn’t become Kakizaki and we don’t get a complete reminiscence of the omnidirectional barrier malfunctioning in original Macross. Yellow is an unlucky color, and so is being comedic. I still worry for him; looked like Hayate was going to die. Keith got wrecked! And Heinel becomes King, which was expected.

And of course, it’s near required to have out-of-context moments in anime.

 photo tech_zpsbn4qivxd.jpg

Macross D indeed.

I’m still a little mixed with the songs, which rarely happens in this series. If transitioning from Frontier, where May’n and Nakajima Megumi (Ranka Lee) had both a powerful singing contrast and duet resonance at the same time, I’d say that Walkure is still weak in their music. I’m not sure what it is. Is it too mechanical? Macross 7 had rock, with Kageyama Hironobu had the helm. I may even start <b<MACROSS 7 next week?

“Turned their white wings, black.” Which reminds me, the MACROSS D comic regarding Keith and Roid’s past is called “The White Knight of Black Wings” (黒き翼の白騎士)

In Macross, the rule of law is to not talk about women (and I think your family as well). We’ll see who will end up being the next casualties?

VF-22 StormVogel II was introduced in Macross 7. Episode 15 is Windermere-centered, showing some l humanity and marking the official validation of their mission. Few expect there to be closure, but war continues, thanks to Roid riling everyone up. Keith gets extra spatial awareness.

We also get an idea of Hayate’s dad.

Called it?!



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