YASHASHUIIIIN! 2016 Spring-Summer Impressions (Anime)

Doggie Digest. The titles are:

  • Arslan: Fujin Ranbu (slight spoilers)
  • D.Grayman Hallow
  • Terraformars
  • 91 Days
  • Beyblade Burst
  • Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Macross Delta

Arslan: Fujin Ranbu (Dance of Scorching Wind
 photo 2price_zpskbadooyt.jpg

(アルスラーン戦記 風塵乱舞) Link to official site.
The 2nd season is named after the 6th volume of the novel series where we take on some sea pirates. Two eps in…I’ll just take my slow time with it.

I told myself that I wouldn’t watch it until later. The series is short and near its end since I don’t think the Arakawa manga is finished, nor the novel series???

Mister “I have a cold and no-inflectionitis” is back. Doesn’t help that his sloppy, incompetent voice is complement with his actions. You lost the sword, mate? Despite his good looks (and I noticed that his mask has some extra detail?), Silvermask, Price Hilmes, is a jerk and an idiot. In addition to that, Gieve can go toe to toe with him. Shows his humanity I suppose. FINE! I’LL STOP! I’ll leave him alone.

What of Rukhubad’s [Sword of Kai Khosrow, the Hero King] fate. BTW, that king’s name, a Persian name, is spelled 英雄王カイ・ホスロー (Eiyuuou Kai – Hosuro]. See Khrshow I, the King of Kings (SOURCE: WIkipedia)

CGI is the same, but noticed some extra details such as some more blood? OP improved a bit; sound effects are still great.

 photo daryun_zpsvflijjpo.jpg

I missed you Mardan Fu Mardan. Good first ep (and no chill)! And Ectabana returns to its owner?

Also, here’s the Chronology, starting with 11 year old Arlsan meeting Etoile.

Patiently await for this dude:
 photo Totfami_zpsiqskzsln.jpg

 photo dgray_zps0b8pe14n.jpg

My precious Lavi sounds like Elam.

Been waiting to see these new uniforms in animated color. Some people might’ve completed the previous animated adaption recently. I’ll just say that you’ll get confused if you watch it HALLOW immediately, not while reading the manga or watching the previous series. Big Time. Especially when a long time important (and heartrending) mysteries from the comic is revealed, and unfolds in this very series. I’m too hot and tired to talk about voice cast, and how people are offensive when someone has a different opinion. However, how exactly are Johnny’s and Allen’s voices “better”?

Can’t wait to see the 3rd Exorcists, and a rather disturbing enemy.

I remember that very last scene at the end of ep 1 really freaking me out in the manga. D.GRAY is messed up.

Action was actually good, but still remains in my “average rated” series. Animation budget was inconsistent, there was an increase in light tone (which I was OK with at times, like with Alexander’s past), and a change in the story. Story is canon however. Still had that corny Terraformars style.

91 Days
Best one so far and I made an entry already about it. I hope it gets better; Kondo Takeshi (C.V of Avilio/Angelo) can’t reveal much.

The series is up to episode 15 and its a casual, “good kid” anime. Not sure where my tolerance comes form. Keep in touch with the entries called “Beybladejya”. I think I’m going to look forward to 14 and 15.

Macross Delta

LINK: http://macross.jp/
(マクロスΔ) Filth wind and war! More in another entry I hope.

Sailor MOON CRYSTAL: Deathbusters Arc
LINK: http://sailormoon-official.com/animation/
(美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal) Well…I’m waiting for the circus. Everyone was bright as moonlight and of course, Takeuchi’s crappy (and that’s according to her) romantic storytelling. Kind of makes up for it with Toei’s silly animation.


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