Playing no games. First Impressions of mafia drama, “91 Days”

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7 years ago in the town of Lawless, there was a senseless murder. All is normal in the Prohibition era (1920 – 1933) where the mafia rules.

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アンジェロ たった今から僕たちは兄弟だ
“Angelo, as of today, we are brothers.” Corteo

MC is Avilio Bruno (see ablve). Well, that’s his fake name; his real name is Angelo Ragusa. Ragusa is actually a city in south Italy, specifically Sicilly, where the majority of the American Mafia derives from.

Angelo’s vengeance burns towards The Vanetti Family, who killed his parents and little brother. Primarily the current Don, Vincent. Vincent didn’t seem to like the old Don. In most cases, Don is offed if troublesome or weak. Aside from that, there’s the rivalry between Venetti and the Orca. It starts in this episode regarding the selling through speakeasies. The Orca wanted their hands on Corteo’s booze, but ended up being sold to the Vanetti. Today’s enemy was Fango (FANGO!) hired within the Orca. C.V Tsuda Kenjiro is back in the alleys since GANGSTA as Nicolas.

Speaking of which, I’m glad to see C.V Kondo Takeshi in the lead. Reflecting the rest of the cast, such as Eguchi Takuya and Ono Daisuke as regulars, kind of tells me what kind of show it is.

It was a very good ep. Great music, a pre-modern look, and a refreshing dark atmosphere that revived my enjoyment of crime drama.

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Killing causes [calls out to] more killing,
Revenge is linked to new revenge.
The sad fate ushered by men of 91 days as the story concludes….?


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