Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON! More characters.

Game Series: Monster Hunter Stories



The main characters, if you’re not familiar with the game version, are finally established with voice over. Ryuto, his friend Shuval, and rider girl Ayuria. The cast, along with comments from them [their character voice], are revealed as the following:

SHUVAL (Also Cheval)
 photo shuval_zps3mqgdqfu.jpg
C.V is Osaka Ryota (逢坂良太). Shuval is a gentle boy who is Ryuto’s childhood friend. Osaka is also the voice over of Arata from Danboru Senki (see entry about Akechi Gakuto sketches) and Kazetani from one of my favorite series, KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA. Do they fit the nice guy department? Shuval wants to become a rider like his buddy.

 photo aryia_zps3midkjlk.jpg
Female Rider. At first I thought she served as the gender opposite of Ryuto since in MH Stories, or rather the MH series entirely, there is character customization. She’s her own character, and her monster’s name is Hyouga (Glacier). She rides one of my most hated monsters, the Barioth. C.V is Makino Yui. Tsubasa Chronicle’s Sakura and Gundam Build Fighter’s Try’s FUMINA (senpai!)! So you can imagine it being cute with a somewhat mature side?

Riria is who we have to look out for as the “main girl”.

Chief Omuna
 photo oldmanhum_zpskkdrflgw.jpg
There’s always that obligatory old man who, whenever you enter your village to execute your missions, gives you guidance. In this case, it’s the chief of Hakumu village, home of the riders. He wants to see everyone protected. C.V is veteran Goto Tetsuo, whose done many supporting roles so he’s hard to pinpoint to a representative role. However, look no further than a boy’s best sword partner: DELFLINGER from Zero no Tsukaima. From same series, he also plays that hilarious Scarron (I think was homosexual?). Expect someone with support and maybe humor in his voice.


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