This Week….(Doggie Sketch a Day)

Start with a straight line.

While I am desperately trying to draw SILVERHAWK from the Darius series, among other spacecraft from video games, I forget fundamentals. Because I keep looking at something and wanting to go for what I see as close as possible. Kind of like the Seiya series and the Araki style.

  • Basic shapes/outline.
  • Erasing unnecessary lines (or imagine the lines)
  • Patience
  • Different pencils (draw lightly for draft)
  • Light and shadow
  • Take your time in one segment

I have a problem with drawing initially and then shading shortly afterwatd due to my impatience.

This piece of stone below was actually, I think, last week. If I’ve succeeded in something it was just working on a 3-D shape?

 photo lamerock_zpsx9x0lozy.jpg

And slow steps to realism?

 photo realeye_zpsaijphetp.jpg

So today’s sketch-a-day is Stone and Eye. Beyblade and Tokusatsu later?


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