MATCH GAME 2016! 6 Game Shows that’ll sharpen you up


LA TIMES: Classic game shows are making a comeback this summer: What’s behind the enduring appeal?

If I’m passionate about anything on TV, it’s game shows. Indeed. I can recall sitting firmly on my butt to watch them even when younger. They are absolutely exciting and at the end of it, you might be in stitches and probably little bit smarter. Aren’t games supposed to be entertaining?

Alec Baldwin will be hosting the 2016 revival of highly-acclaimed show and long-running show MATCH GAME! The more reruns I watched of MATCH GAME, the more I wondered, “What went wrong” and “WHY isn’t this returning” and Let’s Make a Deal did? Wishes do come true after all. It’s just a simple, entertaining show. There was an early 2000s revival, but it didn’t go far. All I recall is that the panelists couldn’t hold back the urge to make genital cracks.

While there are many trivia shows such as Jeopardy, The Chase, and Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader, here are six shows you should probably check out, and will probably sharpen you up.

$10,000 Pyramid

Support in: Synonyms
ABOUT: This hit will also receive a revival this coming Sunday. Hosted by Late Great Dick Clark in the classic run, two celebs sit together and play a game of verbal Charades (I know, oxymoron) without saying the core word. Same could be said for Password except you go with one word at a time. Not only it’s a word you can guess but “phrases”, such has “Things that sparkle”. The final money round is quite tense too.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Support: Knowledge
ABOUT: Probably a worldwide hit, with England being the prototype, and easily one of my favorites. This show had various hosts such as Regis Philbin and Meredith Vieira. This is your typical trivia based show, but the tense, heart-beating pressure you feel for the contestant with tons of money on the line gives Millionaire a strong image. It’s not called THE HOT SEAT for nothing. Also, the questions gradually get harder as the money bar goes higher. The hosts are funny sometimes, giving you the impression that you lost when they withhold telling you that you have the correct answer. There’s also that quiet “booming” theme during the questions.

What’s my Line? / To Tell the Truth

Support: Guessing accurately from description
ABOUT: For some reason, I keep confusing these two – maybe it’s because of the theme: guessing who/what something is is. “Truth” is an identity guessing game where panelists, two being impostors, are asked regarding what they do, where they live, and so on to determine the real person. “Line” tries to guess someone’s occupation via a humorous Q&A. Line is also the longest running show from 1950 to 1975, also winning a Golden Globe.


Support: Spelling, guessing words with small hints
I had to think if I wanted it to pick Chain Reaction or Scrabble, each having a spelling element. I think what makes Lingo charming is, not just modern host Chuck Woolery (now Bill Engvall!), but the foolish mistakes by some of the players. Various words start with A and have their vowels and consonants, so one word might look like the other, and the idea of Lingo is to either make a good guess or decipher the word clearly. Also you have a limited amount of guesses.


Support: Critical thinking
I kind of in love with host Ben Gleib. Easily one of the best modern shows so far. I’m not that big of a quick thinker, so maybe it is fun for me to guess. I’m not that bad! Basically, its like a touch screen puzzle game with directions you have to follow. For example, it’ll tell you to “not NOT find the alarm xlock” and you press the alarm clock on the screen. My description can’t do it justice.

Now for a video that can cure cancer!


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