Deculture Doggie Time! Macross Δ‎ (Delta) 11-12

 photo KIGNWIND_zps7bfbyrn6.jpg

We learned that using the word “Wind” can make a good metaphoric threat.

Why exactly is Freyja’s songs vexing to listen to? Not sure how Hayate would have top ranking in male character poll in NEWTYPE POLL (). He’s a bit wishy-washy; he should just stick with “I love flying” and “I like Freyja’s music”. However, the more he sticks with Delta, I think the more he grows into facing a tough reality.

Last ep, I forgot to mention the strange phenomenon from the Shahal ruins. Mikumo and Freyja were seeing flashbacks that happened on Windermere, knocking them out. Is it due to Prince Heinz’s song connected to the ruins?

The series still average. Episodes 11 & 12 are basically mourning and a slow preparation to large scale attack episodes. I will give this show some credit – it is not below in combat. I know I know, I’m biased.

 photo campd18_zpsimyamlaz.jpg

We send Messer to sleep with the Jellyfish to become reborn, while the squad reels from the loss, especially Hayate. Along with that, a nice campfire song “Remember 16”.

 photo macrossZENTRA_zpsfmmhbbai.jpg
Under King Gramia, King of Windemere, the planets forces’ are full deployed with a giant unearthed mothership, SIGUR VALENS! The symbol of Protoculture. It’s quite reminiscence of the old Zentradi carriers:

 photo battle5-carrier-zentran_zpsmajwtbpv.gif

Is this what episode 12’s title is referring to? “King of the Wind”? Or is it Prince Heinz like Roid said? The current King is Gramia, now in charge of the next attack while standing up to his sickness.

 photo ROID_zpslto8hacb.jpg
Speaking of which, Roid remains worried for Heinz, but is there also a concern for Keith?

While Windermere deploys, NUNS is planning to destroy the ruins of Planet Ragna to prevent the Wind Songs’ full effect on the space sector. It’s delayed until after Delta Squadron’s mission. Will they succeed or is Ragna is total danger?


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