Toku Doggie Time! ZyuOhger 18 #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー‎


It’s HONNOU KAKUSEI (Instincts Awaken) time!

Something I forgot to add the last time. There’s so many monsters throughout sentai that have a pun in their name, representing their theme. They can be yokai (kakuranger, shinkenger) or some kind of item (ie: Gobusters). I wish I could do it for every episode. For example, here’s Kikuchi Masami’s monster, who I think was Ep 14:

The joke is どろぼう (thief) or dorobo (泥棒). His name is ドロボーズ (dorobouzu). “Dorobo jya ne! Dorobouzu!” (“I’m not Theif/Dorobo, it’s Dorobouzu!”)

Also, it’s interesting to point out when Naria gives the fallen monsters a “continue medal”, they grow and say “THANK YOU NARIA”. There’s been a few exceptions such as Huntajii, saying “Arigatou Naria.”. He’s another joke, his name meaning “old man Hunter” because he’s a old man looking monster with a sniper rifle.

Ep 16’s Mantaur (Mataru), based on Mantle and/or Matador (maybe Minotaur too), is C.V Hino Satoshi. Apparently his first Toku role. “OLE!” (AXL ONE BLOG Source). When he receives a Continue, he says “Gracias Naria!”

Now for 18, the Zyuohger’s gets knocked down a notch on the Food Pyramid. Also, Trumps (トランパス; entry 18 in Asashi website) is still up to this tricks. A trickster always has a cowardly side. Trumps is obviously based on the card trick used to gain an advantage, and he has the face of a king.

 photo hehere_zpsn77a3rae.jpg

At first I thought Wild ZyuOh King should not have lost, but I keep forgetting that there should be at least two more bot-grades, one being when the main squad cubes combine with the sixth’s. Also, the sixth ranger, aside from being a bit idiosyncratic, always have some excel in ability when introduced. Crocs and Rhinos are some of the most dangerous animals ever.

After a curb stomp beating from THE WORLD (za warudo!), frustration wells up. Again, the ZyuOhs learn fear since the battle against the GIFT (that was an amazing thing), which makes them freeze against Trumps. However, the group…

 photo bestteam_zpsb2oghjvv.jpg

are very honest with themselves. A mental cleansing supports them to seek reality. They are scared of their foe, but it is not impossible to survive. They are still below in ability and Yamato’s strategy separates The World, Yamato, and the rest of the rangers. Trumps is beaten while RED RANGER takes charge in action against the biggest threat – like they always do!

 photo HA_zpsud6rogtd.jpg

A Saint Seiya quote – “The Same Technique doesn’t work twice [on a Saint].” Get up and try again. Yamato toughened up a bit after the last fight and works on the defense, keeping up a bit. Still, The World is above him.

And, what an ending.

I think I might’ve imagined this on social media but are people upset with World joining the group? If he’s brainwashed, I’m quite sure he’s getting saved.


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