Toku Doggie Time! Animal Sentai ZyuOhGer – SO FAR! #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー #zyuohger

HONNOU KAKUSEI (Instincts awaken!)

Helpful guy Yamato
Big-sisterly Sela
Serious Tusk
Impetuous Leo
Nice girl Amu

They are ZYUOUGER!

Now I finally caught up, and it wasn’t that bad. No, this is cute and genius show. Who doesn’t love animals? No matter what toku show, the love of animals can’t be properly relayed without the smart writing and the engagement of characters, that also includes the villains. The compatibility of the characters.

 photo Yattekikuchi_zps94zomsnh.jpg

Like Kakuranger and Kyoryuger, it’s enjoyable when the episodic baddies have some character outside of speech pattern and technique. It is prevalent in Sentai for the bad guys to have a theme.

Dethgalians (デスガリアン) or Deathgaliens are phucked up. Messed up. I think, by far in Heisei, this has been the most brutal group? Starting with the first episode, there is absolute no consideration for the public’s lives. In most cases, you’ll see a mob cast running away from explosions or getting grabbed, but they’re getting burned and struck. And there’s even hanging? It’s all for entertainment – the Blood Game. Reminiscent of animal trading business. And the plots of the “Monster of the Day” are twisted too, from extortion to human brawling.

Yamato’s Uncle, Mori Mario, is the best.

For this week I’ll have to do ZyuOh #18, along with new Ghost.


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