“Doggie’s Sketch a Day: Gakuto” Revision (June 15) + Akechi Mitsuhide in games

Originally posted on June 15, adding Akechi Mitsuhide photos.

Deviated from my hands sketches today, and went back to characters.

This kiddo, just like the Terrae, is another original character from a story. Much like Ginga, I’ve done many sketches for this character because I wanted to reach a particular style. For Ginga, it was Saint Seiya (Umakoshi Yoshihiko, Araki Shingo, somewhat Kurumada); for this character, it was Level-5.

A Settei or character model sheet for Akechi Gakuto, a friend of NARUTO. I do a fanfic that puts NARUTO series into a new light (or I’m trying). Japanese Voice actress of Naruto, Takeuchi Junko, also voices Inazuma Eleven’s Mamoru Endo (Mark Evans), so I thought “Draw Naruto’s friend as a Level-5 character. Go for that look at much as possible.”

 photo GAKUTOgray_zps3rxgzem5.jpg

Level-5 Inc is the studio responsible for Inazuma Eleven, Yokai Watch, Dark Cloud, and Layton video games series. They are also behind the Inazuma Eleven and Yokai Watch anime adaptations. Among other things. With that said, Gakuto turns out to look much Arata from Danboru Senki or Flit from Gundam AGE; Level 5 were also in charge of both of those series. Much like Arata, his hair is red.

C.V is Terasaka Yuya (寺崎 裕香), Ise Mariya (伊瀬 茉莉也) or Watanabe Akeno as first choices.

Every time I attempt this character, the eyes are always different. In Level-5, the edges of the hair look bubbly or round. Outside of the Level-5 idea is to make him look a bit innocent. So the eyes are important. They have to be big (with symmetrical pupil), which also gives him the youth aspect. I think how round they are also matters? As you can see, I had to work on the eyes in the upper part of the sketchpad.


Despite the friends he hangs out with, like a guy with might-makes-right (強者は弱者を圧迫する) complex, Gakuto is friendly (親しみやすい性格). Also, tolerant (寛容な).  Despite protests, he accepts Naruto’s company. Plus, there was a time when Naruto helped him, and they both had cleaning duty.

He uses a real 55cm kodachi (A small sword) named Osafune. Short for Bizen Osafune (備前長船). Osafune Nagamitsu was a swordsmith.

Lives with mother, only living family.

One technique is Yamato Iaisen (大和居合閃). For clothes, going for purple, white, and blue.

About Akechi Mitsuhide (video game appearances)

I think everyone would know the name Akechi Mitsuhide (1528 – 1582) from somewhere, and the infamous fact that he betrayed his lord and sent him to his death. If there’s any coincidences of Gakuto and betrayal, I have no idea yet. It seems too predictable and he’s a nice fellow.

In video games, particularly the Sengoku series, whether its Musou or BASARA, it’s like Akechi Mitsuhide is often associated with the color purple and blue.

Playstation 2’s Kessen III (main site)
Created by Koei Tecmo, who created Sangoku Musou (or Dynasty Warriors. Romance of 3 Kingdoms) and Musou OROCHI. Musou series in general. Voiced by “Green River Light” or Midorikawa Hikaru.
 photo kessenMitsu_zpsbu2auwg9.jpg

This is Akechi even in the Pokemon parody, Pokemon x Nobunaga ambition, or Pokemon Conquest. An interesting game. actually got a little addicted
 photo d8be224e_zpsgb0x74r1.jpg

(戦国BASARA) – AKA: Devil Kings series from CAPCOM.  A bloodthirsty, cold-hearted killer. It doesn’t help that he’s voiced by Hayami Sho either.
 photo BASARAAKECH_zps3abj7l20.jpg

Also voiced by MIDORIKAWA! Earnest character and faithful.
 photo MUSOUSAHECHUI_zpsqssqyuwg.jpg

Puzzles and Dragons, titled Deliberate Rebel.
Plenty of purple; element is darkness and he’s both a God type and Devil type. Didn’t become a big fan of the game.
Photo is from mukakinpuzzleanddoragons.doorblog.jp/
 photo akechPD_zps3a3ey4hp.png

Love Legend of Sengoku
An “otome-ish” mobile dating game. I played it about a year ago but didn’t get far.
 photo LovlendofSengoku_zpsfzee82t8.jpg

KOEI again, with 2013’s Geten no Hana (下天の華)
AKA: Below Heaven’s flower. An attractive story where an Iga kunochi is hired into Azuchi castle, Oda Nobunaga’s residence. Main site. He is voiced by Nojima Kenji! Isn’t it already interesting?
 photo akechipf_zpssanc0tzo.jpg


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