“DOYA!” Beyblade Burst Episode 10!

Today on Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA (鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)!, A manic Monday show.

 photo 600valep10_zps5qdqhxp3.jpg

Crazy faces from Aoi-kun, and he’s always like this. But everyone learns a valuable lesson.


Komurasaki Wakiya, Valt’s next opponent in the Regional semifinals, has waged war by taunting Valkyrie and Valt, but is it war that we want? Throughout the first half, Valt is so mad at Wakiya that he becomes obsessed with winning.

 photo shuval_zpsiuel2kko.jpg

“Is Valkyrie happy?” Shu asked. Speaking of him, our Spriggan boy had to check into the hospital, suffering from joint pain in the shoulder. A torn ligament? They did not elaborate, but the doctor recommended him to rest for a month.

The 2nd half  teaches us a lesson, and leads us to a quick cool fight between rivals.

 photo yayparty_zpsfuqiwwvj.jpg

Watching his siblings and their friend beyblade, Valt remembers what’s important again. The fun of Beyblading. You excel in what you love the most. It’s not about winning the most and getting the most money. Professionalism starts with a positive mind.

Is is naive? Probably, but psychological help will prevent you from being vain and to fight against slumps. Hopefully this won’t be the pattern too often considering Aoi’s character. Also, this happened with Daina before.

Next episode: Spriggan’s Despair (絶望のスプリガン).

 photo SHUKUN_zps7ilpuuot.jpg

It seems too early, and Valt might be ten years behind, for a true rival fight. Will Shu, due to his handicap, lose against Orochi? The boy known for his “God Ears”? And valt will have to make up for it in defeating Wakiya and Orochi?


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